Whatever happens now, as a woman, as an American, and as a survivor, thank you…..

Whatever happens now as a woman as an American and

Whatever happens now, as a woman, as an American, and as a survivor, thank you.. #ibelieveyou #ibelieveher #believesurvivors #wearestrongertogether #vote @salmakhan repost 💝🙌🏼

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  1. crisacci1974

    It’s so pathetic that history is on the verge of repeating itself with his imminent ascension to the bench.

  2. drsmashlove

    Big mood 🔥🔥

  3. brenda_badass_

    Meh. But if they are not telling the truth, it hurts real victims. I hope they are but a part of me doesn’t believe.

  4. r0bbygram

    Oh Amy 🙄

  5. yuri_hinostroza


  6. bloomfield_brad

    Lol she works for the CIA lol

  7. antoniofuckingwelds

    Y’all are ruining a mans life with lies there is so much evidence again her

  8. thes8nt1

    @theallamericanbadgirl Amy Babe ????! This is you ??? Oh my Lordy I am sorry my kind are apes 🦍 Did I miss something 💃🏼🇺🇸

  9. jfranco913

    #IBelieveHer ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  10. salmakhan


  11. d.r.a.k.e_007

    What the fack lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. biercarl

    Me too is BS

  13. roscoefly

    Innocent until proven guilty you cant rely on anything without facts and just words. R we forgetting that dudes get falsely imprisoned for shit like this and that the left and right are dirty organizations trying to brainwash the masses by making them believe either side is right? #sheeple

  14. cody_ruski

    What about Bill Clinton’s rape accuser.

  15. donjayeworld

    this is dope 🙏 If you like funny video click the link in my bio.

  16. cope_a_dope

    Sure believe someone who has no evidence. And a vague recollection of when and where . The 4 witnesses she named don’t place kavanaugh there at all but hey . Believe her just because she’s a woman. But all the women bill Clinton sexually molested get swept under the rug. Fucking idiots. This does nothing but harm actual tape victims

  17. cope_a_dope

    How about when women get sexually assaulted come forward then and there. We have ways of determining if you were raped. Don’t wait 36 years to come forward at the most strategical time to ensure a man dosen’t get on the supreme court when hes been on the 2nd highest court in the land for years then beg me to believe you. This poor man’s life and reputation have been permanently damaged with ZERO evidence. #confirmkavanaugh

  18. cope_a_dope

    O and speaking of anita hill this best thing this chick was pubic hairs on a coke can. FUCK OUTTA HERE

  19. firearms_king

    Oh please… all 4 witnesses can’t collaborate her story… even Dr.Fords’s friend Leland can’t remember the alleged incident, who Dr. Ford claims was there… #confirmkavanaugh

  20. anthony.barone.925

    I like Believe proven Truth better then just believe her cause she has a Vagina

  21. joflumbo

    i just hope the investigation finds the truth. unfortunately most of the government doesn’t care about sexual assault

  22. scalvinford4

    Believe women!!! I cant understand the audacity of you mfs.. if this shit was your daughter or moms youd be all over this dude.. and thats the thing , you shouldn’t have to relate to women personally to see them as people and have empathy.. this is a problem in our misogynistic society, just because shit doesn’t happen to you in your little bubble doesn’t mean other people dont experience them.. i.e . Racism ,sexism , bigotry and discrimination.. sorry amy didnt mean to get fired up on your post ppl be ignorant sometimes

  23. hodorlantis

    @theallamericanbadgirl You don’t have enough boring stuff to hide my nags in, I honestly mean no offense or threats by please take care at public events/areas, pet nappers, never eat/drink any thing that you didn’t open yourself or was left alone too long (in case it was spiked by anybody, even staff of shady places), don’t go into isolated areas that you may be at risk in or has plenty of hooligans, watch out for suave people (any age or gender or even kids pretending to need help in foreign countries or isolated places) that are nice for a while but then are actually volcanoes of trouble, look outside your windows/corners (e.g vehicle, house or an establishment at night) safely before going out, close windows that you aren’t using for ages that are reachable (or ladder n etc) off the ground or can be climbed through, and having 2-3 close friends kids don’t know testing them on stranger danger wouldn’t hurt. No crazy mind games stalker nastiness or anything bad meant, just a weirdo sending reminders to strangers because of seeing terrible news on the telly/net or Facebook related. I copied and pasted most of this (from previous messages) to save time, meownkey (random gibberish), just adding this in case of bots thinking I’m spam + don’t share with people you haven’t known for ages or is a guy (not sexist, it’s just usually a guy for some reason) in case they’re secretly a scary psycho like the BTK killer.

  24. hodorlantis

    or let me know then I will??? I don’t really know if somebody can delete a stranger’s comments (I have no photos). I have no social life

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