Fuck that last post. Lemme try to open up to you guys and keep it real. I lost m…

Fuck that last post Lemme try to open up to

Fuck that last post. Lemme try to open up to you guys and keep it real. I lost my virginity to rape …by my own boyfriend ….at just about 18. Where I grew up, a senior year virgin was a RARITY, it made me the odd man out, but i wanted to be in love before I gave someone my body. I was drugged, raped and beaten half to death a few years later by someone above me in the industry when i first went after modeling. As a woman and another survivor of entitled penis, i stand with her, i believe her. You’d be SHOCKED to learn how many sexual assaults REALLY go down, but even a report of which, SHIT, a “saying out loud” of which NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. Trust me, it takes immense bravery and almost inconceivable level of self-sacrificing “ZERO FUCKS GIVEN”, seeing-red, “Oh, you’re GONNA get this ass whoopin”, courage to take on a fight for justice after a sexual assault, a woman would have to embody to bring the shit to trial. The asshole, whomever he may be in each case, the defendant/accused… his lawyers JOB is to tear down the credibility of the victim. The trials always become a media shit show opening up the floor to PUBLIC debate about whether he’s scum or she (or he..) is a liar. So often, the shits 50/50 in the public eye. WHAT A HERO to sacrifice your name, reputation, and quality of life to TRY to keep future men&women from becoming victims of attacker. I know that’s true, because i was only able to be a hero in filing police reports, so that if they ever hurt someone else, there will be a public record of the persons past attacks and give weight to the credibility/probable cause to believe the next report. I never had the strength or courage in either case to pursue charges. I was too busy going through mf PTSD, my bad. So yeah. Thank you and all survivors fighting the big fight for us, from the bottom of my heart. “Whatever happens now, as a woman, as an American, and as a survivor, thank you.. #ibelieveyou #ibelieveher #believesurvivors #wearestrongertogether #vote

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  1. yota_blaster

    You should watch to Kill a Mockingbird

  2. smoothskywalker

    Much love 💕

  3. mp386eeezy

    Wow str8 from the heart nothing but blessings and respect even more now #hellaofawomen #superwoman 🙏🙏💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  4. hellamarkharley

    You’re such a G for this post

  5. nupe411


  6. kerrick_da_enlightened

    It’s just sickening the entitlement some men believe that they can just take what they want. For you to power on and still do what you do with a smile and sense of humor says so much about your inner strength. @theallamericanbadgirl you get much respect and admiration from me on a entirely new level. Thanks for your story.

  7. chiefrules

    Tell your truth, and thanks for your bravery

  8. trickster_316

    Oh damn!!!!!!

  9. yung_cocoabutter_

    You’re so brave, respect!

  10. enriquez_pride

    out of respect for you, i cant even look at yourself the same,i use to like see that booty meat,now i will feel like that hoass dude who did that to you, im sorry for ever lusting in your direction,MUCH RESPECT TO YOU MISS LADY

  11. markpassley_

    I’m so sorry that happened to you by some piece of shit ….wont call these people men cause if you do that you are not a man ….as a father I would do time no questions asked if that happened to my daughter…and would do time for that piece of shit who did that to you not right these so called men who do those things to women are not men they are cowards….and should be locked up and beaten for the shit they do …real talk love you girl keep the post coming tou have this man support 100

  12. anthony.barone.925

    I’m sorry but Dr. Ford is NOT being truthful and a Vigina does NOT make you automatically a Better then a person with a penis

  13. ctc8988

    😲😟😕😔 sorry you had to experience that.

  14. hwooddrive

    Nah. Just believing what someone says isn’t how it works. Some horrible shit happens to you, and everyone has to be believed? That Ford woman is on some shit. Watch the body language vid on YT about her testimony.

  15. introceo

    Damn that is scary…time to have a convo with my sisters….

  16. vs548

    Please tell me you and your friends are voting Midterm Elections!

  17. rkdealer

    That’s the best post yet… I’ve added bravery and courage to the list of adjectives I use to describe you. Be righteous in your dealings with others. That’s the creed we should live by. God bless.

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