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  1. baayzil

    My suspicion is that a relationship without roles either means exhausted parents wired out of their minds who don’t get sleep & sex or kids who don’t get enough attention. Except for specific, uncommon circumstances (that 1% lifestyle), bringing in the family cash & taking care of the house and kids are both full time jobs.

  2. yohomie_ed

    All the women who see this are mad asl …like “hell naw” …. but them b the broke bitches

  3. calimom1210

    This is my relationship, and we been married for 16 years so I guess it works 😁 @theallamericanbadgirl

  4. inam_haider_mani

    Shut up bitch! Love is jusT for straight peopLes! No gays no lesbians no and non for bisexual

  5. sanchezeric52

    This is one reason why boys don’t know how to be men 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. _jay_skylar

    Is this something you really want? Alotta women ask for this but when they actually get it they either take it for granted or take advantage of it, I really am starting to think women don’t know what they want 🤔 😂@theallamericanbadgirl

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