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  1. lord_busin3ss

    Still not cleanin tho

  2. actionjacksong3


  3. ruckuss69


  4. baayzil

    My suspicion is that a relationship without roles either means exhausted parents wired out of their minds who don’t get sleep & sex or kids who don’t get enough attention. Except for specific, uncommon circumstances (that 1% lifestyle), bringing in the family cash & taking care of the house and kids are both full time jobs.

  5. mister.sayantan

    No fun at all

  6. yohomie_ed

    All the women who see this are mad asl …like “hell naw” …. but them b the broke bitches

  7. daltonlemoine_

    I swear

  8. versewonder

    What killing big scary bugs 🕷?

  9. calimom1210

    This is my relationship, and we been married for 16 years so I guess it works 😁 @theallamericanbadgirl

  10. waffle_265

    But who’s gonna cheat???

  11. hilly_pls


  12. hilly_pls


  13. inam_haider_mani

    Shut up bitch! Love is jusT for straight peopLes! No gays no lesbians no and non for bisexual

  14. edwardshomer


  15. onlyfans_bigbustystar

    i wish u a perfect day 😋🙃🙂 kisses 😘

  16. sanchezeric52

    This is one reason why boys don’t know how to be men 🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. darlitotulio

    @loui.xo 💭

  18. hero_man_x

    We both get pregnant, oops wont work

  19. luke_develle


  20. haritkdoshi


  21. _jay_skylar

    Is this something you really want? Alotta women ask for this but when they actually get it they either take it for granted or take advantage of it, I really am starting to think women don’t know what they want 🤔 😂@theallamericanbadgirl

  22. hwooddrive


  23. 216lastking

    Salute…Whish all women felt this way…

  24. therealgetta

    All facts

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