Lmfao find the one where I’m making Charlie’s crazy ass face back at him… make…

Lmfao find the one where I’m making Charlie’s crazy ass face back at him… make that your wall paper. Thank me later. Loungin around in my new gear from @shock_the_world ….an impressively nice line by one of my former classmates/friends since 1st grade @so_uh_mason ….not even gonna lie, def didn’t expect the clothes to be SO damn nice. Good shit, Mase! Comfy, fits my curves reeeeal nice, looks dope on but is meant to be workout gear…. lil zippy pockets, alien head shaped hood to protect my neck if I ever wanna run in the cold (heh yeah, OK.) store.shocktheworldpro.com I’d like one in every color, please. 🤪😁 proud of you, this is seriously great quality. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  1. sergioramirez1985

    Tiene un buen closet

  2. isroxy

    This pics tho lmao girl you hilarious

  3. que_dew05

    She gets 🥖 for them buns

  4. daheightsphotography

    Such a bubbly personality

  5. josippotocnjak

    White trash 100%

  6. alwayzairbourn3


  7. jokerswild418

    Thats my favorite pic.

  8. jokerswild418


  9. lakonian_trainee_300

    Nice puppies… 😏

  10. marcus_maxximista

    That closet is lit as fuck!

  11. jay_eternity


  12. mrmi24_7

    Ridiculously Amazing smh yes Woman Smh Yes😍💘🏆

  13. manish_choudhary_132


  14. thakursingh1909


  15. my__love_attitude

    I love your song nakra nawabi

  16. my__love_attitude

    You so beautiful

  17. laurentart2gmail.com6627

    sweet beautiful picture

  18. clay313

    Mmmmm! Amy you are so beautiful in glamorous outfits & casual outfits you are just a very beautiful woman

  19. page5681

    Best! No make up natural…mofo would literally suck a fart out your ass! Any day..lol

  20. fern18193

    #9…That pup is a lucky dog

  21. davesmithereens23

    Even your knees are sexy wtf?! Who has sexy knees haha

  22. frankiebars

    @theallamericanbadgirl Idk who’s cuter u or the dog

  23. jeffreydaniel47

    You are the most beautiful princess I have ever seen

  24. concepcion_frank

    that’s one lucky pup damn.

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