Lmao so excited for this episode of @trutv ‘s to air!!! Being a big tittied wai…

Lmao so excited for this episode of @trutv ‘s #lafftracks to air!!! Being a big tittied waitress could mean good tips or it could mean a fight or two lmao @lafftrackscomedyshownyc @thelaffmobb @bobsumner24 @cjkoustas @fhc3k @denise (ps the first clip isn’t even supposed to be funny and that’s hilarious af. The camera just pans down for no reason hahahaha)

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  1. instamotivation023

    You are beautiful and don’t forget that

  2. rajuchipkar

    Great bumbs of thealla

  3. muerto777


  4. adembakis_

    Bu kızda ne fizik var ya

  5. adembakis_

    Dehşet bişey

  6. malek_0_


  7. sasaelwahiby

    Myth buster proved it it means more tips

  8. uglymubz

    he’s tryina keep his eyes down so that he dont get caught looking on camera ; )

  9. andrelima.negreiros

    Dude efforts to not stare at the boobs 😂😂😂

  10. duncankromm

    If you were my waitress I would probably tip you my car. Np shame

  11. dear_mrfantasy

    Big lovely tits

  12. jayv117

    Funny how everyone try not look at her chest

  13. efrainfloresvarelas


  14. nick.navarro


  15. nick.navarro

    @denise APPLE BEES BITCH 😂

  16. midoart88_

    Why you act like you black ??!! No hate here but act like how a white girl would is sexier for your nature..much love tho ❤️🙏🏼

  17. bubbagovea17

    Yo this movie or something?

  18. ghislainyimfack


  19. gio_javi88

    Gorgeous @theallamericanbadgirl 😍😍😍 I wanna work with u and do a car photoshoot 📸📸🔥🔥🔥 lmk

  20. 36ixtyvisuals

    Wow y’all had the run of the place. Cool how they blacked out the windows to have control of the lighting. Good acting.

  21. _buck_nassty_

    @theallamericanbadgirl put a baby in me

  22. jasonwesley_


  23. banjorune

    I take it that’s already aired. Too bad, but i’ll try to catch the show in reruns…

  24. mr.joker13031

    Hahahah he can’t even turn his head the director saids can u look up to her he just froze hahahaha

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