I’d freak me out, too….

Id freak me out too

I’d freak me out, too.

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  1. mattcornpeterson

    The good kind of freak 🌊

  2. markantoni0

    This is irrelevant to anyone who Choooses to be single. But… cool post @theallamericanbadgirl

  3. primitiverock

    Maybe Mom was a Freaky Girl in HER DAY, lol.

  4. mami.mrkz


  5. khoaduong10

    Plot twist: Mom ask “why you like her?” You: “awesome sex”. Dad: “just like your mother”. The twist you felt disgusted and dump her. Parent hive 5.

  6. pres.jp

    Where Lmaooooo

  7. lorenzobiondo


  8. bmoresteel


  9. clevelandbetts8king30

    I want to marry u i will get the card Saturday night I promise

  10. hzxakim

    Who wouldn’t?! 😭😂

  11. kamikrazyprep

    Those are the best. If you got one, you better hold on. Literally and figuratively

  12. manny_hvac

    My parents would be proud of me 😅😂

  13. lehepton

    Thats the dream

  14. tramellb85

    Idk, Rick James and Gucci mane were both adamant that you can’t in fact take her home to mom 😂😂😂

  15. kevin.brown081

    How freaky are you girrrl?!!!😂😋

  16. stylz4191

    No such thing

  17. mimeskee

    Rick James loves you!!!

  18. ctc8988


  19. andersondavideverwired

    Not if mom a freaky goof, theyd click like gears! THEN you’d have to worry!

  20. chicago_we_on

    Thats dope tho..

  21. jwshooter69

    I’m Rick James bitches!!!

  22. southwestricky_


  23. thinktwicexo


  24. dj_the_dreamer


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