Maaaan… I’m so thankful to live in this era right now. There really is somethi…

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Maaaan… I’m so thankful to live in this era right now. There really is something for EVERYONE and everyone is beautiful to someone… and thanks to the internet and instagram… we can all find what does it for us… and feel like we are what does it for someone else. Growing up in the 90s&early 2000s when mainstream media was entirely a controlled commodity and our perception of the concept of “beauty” was molded for us… (really without us realizing it) ……bruh. With my thyroid disease (hashimotos, hypo) and the size 0 “low rise jeans” that show the crest of ya vegene and plumber butt ass crack, no love handles welcome.. the Christina Aguilara/Britney Spears skinnier bish the better being in fashion …. my big bitch ass was always on the losing end lol. Even when I would be my skinnier sizes. Im just a big ass muhfugga…. so when I’m on my fatter side like in these clips here lol…. days like these I’m so thankful to hear NICE things in response to allllllat cellulite outta shape thick and not just in the booty lookin ass sheeeit lmao. All we need is CONFIDENCE to OWN and LOVE our shit exactly how it is and these days… we can learn that there are people who LOVE each of us just how we are… The hardest part is being brave enough to put your TRUTH online and not be afraid of hearing the trolls of people you weren’t made to please…. but with those…. will come the praises of people who LOVE people just like you, and are thankful to be able to find you, and will follow you to the grave. I say all that inspirational, honest gospel to lead to this very important question, from my soul to yours: WHERE ALL MY CHUBBY CHASERS AT?! IM HAVING A CHEAT DAY (month) SO YAMSSSS IS ON THE MENU😂😂😂🙌🏼🤪

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  1. lifee_of_chey

    If my hashimotos made me look like you that would be greaatttttttttt 🙄 do you take thyroid medicine?

  2. timmichaelsen


  3. meek_mike

    You are so sweet

  4. skipatrol618


  5. crownvega

    That little bitty ass waist, woman you’re not chubby but you are curvaceous dena mug! 😍

  6. umair_ali29

    Wow look so hot

  7. abinsaad

    Yo name of da song plz

  8. loveman_911

    Gorgeous woman

  9. edwards.sherwin

    Smile is beautiful

  10. myshitisextra

    Chubby chaser checking in

  11. m.beigi25

    @saaheel_gh کیم کارداشیان لباس چرک اینم نمیشه و دوتاشون روی هم موهای زائد تو هم نمیشن

  12. houari_badel

    Mmmmmmmmmm fuck fuck fuck Amazin booty i love you sexy girl

  13. jdoug19195

    You are one pretty thickass woman. Body and face 🔥🔥😉😙

  14. crossfireboxing

    Pure fineness!

  15. therealedgy

    wow you’re perfect on god

  16. drdnyc


  17. xdatboysick

    @theallamericanbadgirl just amazing

  18. lakonian_trainee_300

    ASS of the millennium. Easy. 💝🇬🇧

  19. enjoylouis

    Your posts are so hard to read with the Ebonics and all that but I still do appreciate the visuals very much 😅

  20. isaigarciarodriguez

    Hermosa..mmm qué rico

  21. mrmi24_7


  22. macairemoise

    Love how you appreciate your thickness & curves. By all means remain true to yourself & never let anyone try to feel uncomfortable because you’re not fitting their standard of beauty.

  23. shiniztru

    Just post your thirst trap and go. Men not reading all that lol

  24. tomslick31


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