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  1. korporatesolo


  2. chic.bynight


  3. troy_taylor626

    Songs terrible but the video is nice good job girls

  4. eric_o_84

    How lucky is that water? 💦💦

  5. thatweirdguysteven

    Oh shit you in a Gucci vid???

  6. suegoingbrazy

    Song is fire

  7. letsgoj1127

    Them poor Africans if they only knew how water was treated here lol

  8. brandknewhamez

    I just feel like you guys need cleats. Someone is gonna twist an ankle🤣

  9. hollyhood_cole

    The song is trash and the rappers are gay but you look great.

  10. assaf_201


  11. clarl34

    This is quite old

  12. mridao7


  13. dj.haku

    What’s up you look like a perfect fit for my team, DM me

  14. romeobrown_

    What song is this @theallamericanbadgirl

  15. jfreshy

    Trash ass music. Thank God you saved the day 😂

  16. mohammad6687


  17. olliejayy


  18. n7landeezy

    Watch on mute to get best experience

  19. itsnizzi

    You’d probably make more money and fame from porn. #justsaiyan

  20. jaymo_5252

    You a mudd 🦈?

  21. ramonreyesiii

    @theallamericanbadgirl what is the name of the song?

  22. kb_wisdom

    This song is kinda trash

  23. carlosbridges

    What is the name of that song?

  24. professor_seuss_md

    Song=🗑 You=🏆

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