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  1. tomcoa

    We are dust in the wind

  2. itsaustinlutz

    🤣 😂

  3. that_harley_at_the_track

    We found a note in the wall of our house (built in ’46) when we did the bathroom

  4. itskingkd

    Lmaoooooo. I would’ve put somethin crazy like “The body of my wife’s mother is buried under this floor. If u dig her up her spirit might return”

  5. garycorbin.us


  6. chrisinhollywood

    And then they donated their O type blood to the new remodelers and died 😂 @theallamericanbadgirl

  7. alonzo_br0

    @lyndonr32 @wav.danny @brvin_bembrizzy i font get it

  8. adub_84


  9. koryscottlewis

    Oh that’s fucking amazing wow.

  10. sirmagnus


  11. stonekim83


  12. weezee_thegoon

    This some Fresh off the Boat shit lol

  13. therealkasake

    I took a panel of my old rechers car and wrote yan wuz here i dont think he will ever find it haha

  14. fhernan188

    Ha ha ha sumbitchs lol

  15. carlylejames


  16. tempestttheterrible


  17. suppbruhhhhhh

    Cc af

  18. victor_saldivar

    Power move? WTF?? Shit needs to be updated

  19. chase_hatton


  20. mjjoker2003

    Hahaha take that

  21. baconcandy

    @jasmine_dino_pizza hahahah that’s funny

  22. mr_nobounce


  23. mr_nobounce

    My 5 myfh

  24. rubble_fife


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