You gonna come thru, London? aaaaaaall this shit talking about “wHeN yOu CoMiN …

You gonna come thru London aaaaaaall this shit talking about

You gonna come thru, London? ♥️😁❤️ aaaaaaall this shit talking about “wHeN yOu CoMiN tO lOnDoN…?!” …..well, a bitch is here, so show up…. and show OUT!!! 😍🧠🕺🏼 (…well, technically… I’m not there yet. I’m in Paris and heading that way today, tomorrow, the next day… let’s make plans dudes, I’m booking my travel based on where this rollllling stone can avoid all that moss negativity lol🕺🏼🤘🏼🌿)

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  1. a__m__a_n________

    Wawooo Amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. jessicaleecomedy

    😍Congrats on traveling in Europe! Safe travels, love! 💝 @theallamericanbadgirl

  3. t.michael9

    Pay for my ticket?? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. elchriscurtis

    I said Dallas ,[

  5. jordansherrick

    Yeah I’m on my way……when I can afford it

  6. geoff_martin17

    Hurricane Amy coming to London👏🏿 to paraphrase Churchill “Never has one with so much, wanted to be seen by so many”😂Shame I won’t be here to witness this “Force of Nature” 😞😏

  7. princessunicornnipples

    Wee wee

  8. joecast

    I’m pooping

  9. sonusurinder8

    U r so hotttttttt babe

  10. 7ikmat__kamal_____


  11. reyuh.rien

    Anyone have a honest, caring, loving relationship/friendship? Me neither.

  12. doesthisfeelweirdtoyou

    I hear Bristol is lovely this time of year *ahem*

  13. allanafit

    How fun babe! Have an amazing time and safe travels😘

  14. imalcolmmays

    Truth!! 💯

  15. garrisonblack1

    Hey guys I managed to escape North Korea as my dad was Kim Jong Un so I’ve low key had it rough. If anyone could check out my new music that would be much appreciated. Just follow me on ig and stay tuned! 👌🏾

  16. _.theettr._

    1 of these Imma slide with you. Working on it.

  17. d.r.a.k.e_007

    Wow amy God bless you amy


    Oooooo i sell my kindney and go to america in 14 to 15 sep🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. nextsweatshirt_

    Bryan Sims @usatf

  20. rod.oficiall

    Perras tetas!!

  21. mooriah09


  22. boytoyyouabitch

    Check your dm sis 😘

  23. peteygreen211

    Coffee brown

  24. peteygreen211

    Hunts sister wee arcade mofe

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