You don’t wanna zoom in on my feet in these pics, just trust me. Them dawgs is b…

You don’t wanna zoom in on my feet in these pics, just trust me. Them dawgs is baaarkin 😂😂😂 so btw Amarie and I ran circles around each other to try to take natural, candid looking pics. I really hope somebody driving by on sunset snapped how dumb we looked hahahahaha

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  1. mohammeddiab33

    Beautiful dress little princess fits you well

  2. jones_mane_

    Seen u Allstar weekend ain’t have time to speak but will see u again soon I’m sure. @theallamericanbadgirl

  3. cathedralwarren

    Gorgeous and poised!

  4. kicks3nlbc


  5. mainframe595

    Those feet look fine honey!! 😍😍

  6. chuckycheeseofficial


  7. s.t.a.r__l.o.r.d

    Ma’am grow up your hair, you won’t how evn beautiful you look with those

  8. lamargray7962

    @theallamericanbadgirl 💯 wiefy 🔥🛫🍸 😘💪🍫


    Marry my😴

  10. wb_guapo


  11. sultry_one

    Yes they are but the dress cute tho

  12. _iutsj2086vvvv

    Look like Charlize Theron in the first pic kinda 🤔💗

  13. _napo___


  14. tendekai7

    Amy you look amazing. your bag is really nice.

  15. oender1881erdogan


  16. vincent2o2o___michell0

    Woooow I reject not to have an erection to this pic, these boobs look more heavy to carry than thors hammer, I will call you wonder woman, because I wonder where my self control went when I saw this

  17. vincent2o2o___michell0


  18. colorado_trails

    Lovely color on you

  19. garzafrankdela


  20. dl_ceo_of_goflex

    Can I introduce you to my mother!

  21. footluva1

    You’re wrong about your feet tho

  22. zeplik3

    @rockespgtrs this caption is for you 🤣

  23. _huseyn00




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