When she’s calling BS before you even finish the sentence …

When she’s calling BS before you even finish the sentence 😂😭🥰

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  1. henny_god36

    You look like sharon stone

  2. raycarternava_


  3. solokhin44


  4. samflymusic

    Omg girrrrrrl!!!!! That face! The beauty!!!!!!!!! I’m freaking out right now you’re the prettiest specimen 🙈😍

  5. dreamz.visual.photography

    Lmao what your acting skills like I figure supergirl look more like u than that other girl who plays her on tv

  6. ammar.elya

    Sweet 🌹

  7. enzoneofficial

    Why you so perfect 😭😭

  8. _culturecaps

    Your profile is really dope! Is there anyway I can send you one of my hats to wear on your page?

  9. cajamrc

    👏👏👏👏👏 Standing ovation 👏👏👏👏🏻👏 @sicilymensagram

  10. lidscherestal

    Power Girl, def suits you! Possibly a skit? For your fans 🙏😉

  11. realgreatstyles


  12. yousef.m.said.5

    Wait….are you marilyn monroe’s legacy…u are just beautiful🌹

  13. coke_nd_buddha

    You are everything…

  14. rekar___gold

    Very nice sex🍆🍆🍆🍆

  15. lesliea1213

    my god :):)

  16. hadi_ameer


  17. genechavezz_the_

    Wonderful pose and look!😘

  18. erotiqboulevard

    Very Marilyn-esque!

  19. azazel916

    The all American bad girl will be….The all American power bad girl!!!!! DO IT!!!

  20. alohaspreader

    Love it 🙏 ☺

  21. melted.icecream.oreos

    Power girl

  22. rahul477rajput

    Very good morning I am💯

  23. moein_khnsnmi


  24. yusef.mohamed

    Flawless xx

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