We gotta stop this imending race war/WWIII. If you take a step back and look at …


We gotta stop this imending race war/WWIII. If you take a step back and look at everything the past few years, you’ll see the bigger play here. Everybody’s being alienated. I can elaborate another time… need another half hour schleeep before we film the rest of this @youngdolph video today…. but this midterm election (coming up this year, not the next presidential in 2020)… we ALL need to make sure our voices are heard and stack the deck in our favor. I know yall remember all that checks&balances veto shit from HS if you dig deep lmao. These crazy ass pipe dreams that are being set into law rn can be YOINKSTed right up out that mf if the Congress, the house and senate are populated with people who are gonna have the capacity and interest to do so. Let’s all binge House of Cards this week lol get back to me fuck the history books lmaooo. What kinda mf thinks this new age hollocaust ass behavior is logical?? Somebody who’s thinking bout the 💰. Somebody who’s wondering where the “lost REVENUE” from 🌿decriminalizing is gonna be made up. Or maybe it’s about population control. But all this fear monger, turn everybody against each other ass behavior can be deterred… at least slowed til we can STOP and reinstall love and humanity in the decision making, not just the bottom line. Shit, maybe it’s all inevitable at this point so we better brace for impact… but in the midterms this Nov get your mf ass in those booths so affect some level of change. Not playing games with this anymore y’all. It was funny for a sec huh but the giggles are over now this shit is real life. Like I said back to sleep for a lil before glam squad shows up to make me a girl again lol


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  1. andy.dirt

    Fun fact you can join the military and vote…

  2. grill_mark92

    Lmao and what “new age hollocaust” so what today is happening that you can compare to the mass extermination of a group of people? Cuz im searching and not finding…maybe you are talking about white South Africans being murdered in countless numbers? I’m not really sure

  3. genogayenta

    oh amy, don’t you know what happens when anyone posts a political post? the shitshow that is this comment section -__-

  4. bsf260

    Dont vote for Democrats would be a start. #makeamericagreatagain

  5. ameriqanpatriot

    I stand with President Trump. The only people making it about race are the democrats. Everyone of every color is accepted. America is about diversity and coming together in our differences to make it better for us all. Many people HATE each other over a process that we ALL have a voice in. Regardless of your skin color, ethnicity, or religion, we should all be striving to help our fellow American. By finding common ground we can find a peaceful way forward for all of us.

  6. Absolutely agree, get your ass to the polls in November and VOTE for Republicans to help President Trump do what We The PEOPLE elected him to Do…

  7. Secure our southern Boarder and get Violent South American Gang banger, drug smugglers and Sex Offenders OUT of The United States… lower Taxes on hard working Americans and continue to bring JOBS and Manufacturing back to the United States…. God Bless President Trump and God Bless the United States of America🇺🇸

  8. blacknjacked

    Impending? Nope this “war” has been going on for years.Just now that people have access to camera phones, they can record whatever they want.It’s the natural way of things, survival of the fittest.Sharks have been around as long as the dinosaurs yet which creature is still living today?

  9. tannamane11

    Yeah I’m gonna take political advice from a chick that shakes her ass on a rap video 😂 why did you have to go political? Nobody follows you or watches you for politics just like the nfl which is the exact reason you just lost a follower(s). Stick to what made you famous and stop trying to act like you have a degree in politics

  10. lcvitop

    Stay in your lane boi Trump literally did everything to stop ww3

  11. seanwhalen25

    So sad. I’ve been reading comments like you actually think you get a real choice. Smh. Everything is predetermined by people who really pick then after all is said and done whoever wins was already a candidate. Smh. It’s over we don’t elect shit

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