To each his own… but I’d rather eat tons of delicious healthy food… tons of …

To each his own… but I’d rather eat tons of delicious healthy food… tons of protein, veggies, beans, nuts, all that good stuff but no carbs or sugar at all other than a lil brown rice, quinoa&some fruit…. hit the gym and weight train…. and look like the mom from the incredibles than starve my ass off and do hours of cardio on end to be skinny mini… my thyroid disease (Hashimotos) won’t allow that anyway, I’ll just be skinny-fat if I tried (oh&no doubt i tried too lol …the worst thing ever lol). Id rather be #fathletic and #fitfat lmaoooo. But like I said.. to each his own 🤷🏼‍♀️ oh and when they ask about the thighs to match… I’m pretty much a tank head to toe but with some soft & fluffy on top lmao so the thighs and all the other parts match hahahaha 👙by @marbek

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  1. bftsr18

    Oh yes

  2. iamnsdubs

    I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s when I turned 30. U?

  3. nickcash00

    She on that Fat girl diet, lmfao

  4. cakkequeen

    Why? Can’t you just put something on and be respectful ,and get all the compliments you want?!

  5. marcoantonio.barron


  6. mahdiyarqolami1289


  7. itssinahaghigi

    Nice hair style

  8. olossolos

    Prettiest white girl booty of 2018

  9. ahsht19

    I want to grab that ass and never let it go

  10. grneyedqban

    Yummy head to toe! Thick and juicy! Certified Brickhouse!!!

  11. jovandjakovic9

    Auuuu ass 😀

  12. jedibass71

    People will say what they will, you can’t stop that, but I can honestly say that you ate one of the women on here I look forward to see a new post each time I get on Instagram. 😋

  13. nwachiefjimbo

    Yes pls

  14. cridge73

    Word! Well said

  15. stringdee

    U want to be my Coco baby, I’ll be Ice T for u.

  16. sirsmoov777

    Hammin N Jammin

  17. dgyknc

    Such a big and hot ass.i like that ass.i want to know your real name

  18. _bill2mills

    Thickness 🍅😜

  19. rik_4035

    I would take this ass out for dinner

  20. gogglez_pisano

    Lol 1st of all… you aint fat

  21. hoseen11i2828

    کونت کشته منو😘😘😍😍😍

  22. kwebo_global

    Fluffy!!! #fathealthy

  23. enjoyingpresentmoment

    I’m trying to accidentally trip face first into that ass no disrespect 🙏 😂❤️

  24. r.i.pchinx

    @theallamericanbadgirl your so hot my phone is starting to over heat

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