This. Is. Everything. Begin healthy debate below being too extreme or showing …

This Is Everything Begin healthy debate below being too

This. Is. Everything.
Begin healthy debate below 👇🏼 being too extreme or showing your ass and revealing you might be PSYCHO could get you blocked though, so let’s keep it light, people. lol

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  1. ali.ali.khani

    Kaepernick is a G by the way. He did want most people would never be willing to do. Sacrifice. Most of the people here criticizing him know nothing about that. All you butthurt Americans upset at the man for protesting injustice are on the wrong side of history, and time will ultimately reveal that better than anything anyone can say to you

  2. ice3531

    Jordan’s brand

  3. ice3531

    JORDAN owns JORDAN brand I have 20 pairs of JORDAN’$ I don’t see nike anywhere near JORDAN’$

  4. ericbenavidez93

    what did he sacrifice? Dudes freaking loaded lol

  5. youngdouble_scoopz

    As a vet i feel like there was a better time to protest but as a black American (not African American because i was born here) i feel his statement had to be and needed to be heard so wht better way then do it whn everyone else is quite. Thats just my thoughts

  6. dopeminguez

    First, CK will never be broke, he’s good for the rest of his life off of just endorsement deals, not to mention all the money he must have invested or in his bank accounts, so all y’all wishing bad on Kap can give that shit up rn. Idek where to begin, he began a peaceful protest and y’all mad saying it’s disrespectful. Did y’all know he used to sit out the anthem (which to me is way more disrespectful) and no one said a fucking thing about it, no one called that disrespectful, it wasn’t UNTIL media brought attention to his motive that people started feeling “disrespected”. To that dude who said Collin is ungrateful and privileged because if us regular folk were to protest we’d be fired from out jobs, can you please tell me what football team still employs Collin? It’s called a sacrifice, he brought attention to a problem because he knew his voice would be heard unlike the voices of many regular folk who tried to speak on the issue before and were just shut out. Oh and Nike’s future is looking gorgeous, this shit won’t hurt them one bit, so keep burning your shit or better yet, donate it to all those homeless Veterans y’all say y’all “care” so much about.

  7. krillinsn

    Im military, and honestly… I could care less is people stand or sit, it doesnt help me on the battlefield. That’s not what I’m thinking about when I’m getting shot at or rolling over an IED. What matters to me is when someone attacks on American soil and people just run instead of fight back. To tell you the truth , I’m glad he knelt. It’s like the civil rights movement

  8. krillinsn

    Didnt mean to hit send right away, my hand eye coordination isnt the best after the surgery. But to finish, people weren’t to happy about Dr King marching down Selma. It gets your attention, and guess what he just did… still getting your attention. It might not be favorable but it’s the cause not the act you should be looking at, just cause some th inf interrupts your favorite program doesn’t make it wrong, it’s an opinion for one thing and you can focus that or you can look at the cause of WHY it’s happening, and WE as AMERICANS have lost sight of that

  9. sixiron66

    He sure doesn’t mind American flags on his cash

  10. ccuccula

    Peace to @kaepernick7 and @nike for this one. And fuck them others who said that they gonna boycott Nike. Nike don’t give a god damn thing about what Hillbillys, redneck and rightist think, they simply not their fans base! And for those who said that kneeling during the anthem is a disrespect against the men & women who fight for americans freedom… America is suppose to be a free country ; if Nazi can do a rally in the street and don’t get arrested by the police and no fucking Southerners complain about that? So yes every Africans-americans pro-football player’s who want to kneel to protest against police brutaliy in America should have the right to do this where they want and when they want!

  11. here_2_keep_u_entertained

    I’m a rock Nike till I die

  12. peddyua

    Dude had a better Nike promo

  13. tayhus9

    I’m on Colin’s side because he’s a black guy protesting police brutality and that’s that I don’t know who he is I watch real football not American football but all you fucking stupid cunts that think they are doing something when they burn Nikes are not stop doing it you stupid pieces of shit cuz

  14. the_lion808

    Let the hate and ignorance commence against Colin :

  15. prolificloprofile

    is this a promotion of a presidential protest, or raising awareness about racial injustice? or is @nike using those as tools and platforms to promote its own 30 yr anniversary?

  16. prolificloprofile

    if @nike really wanted to “just do it” why wouldnt @nike “just do it” much earlier when the knee dropped for the first time? this promotion is “just late” and “just suspiciously timed”

  17. kujtim_kodra

    He sucks

  18. dennisteti

    It’s a hypocritical move to be sponsored by a company that has a track record of oppressing people of color in foreign countries yet Kapernick is supposed to be a beacon of civil rights? This dude is just a loud mouth lack luster ball player who wanted attention and what he did has been blown completely of control. He’d still be playing ball if he were any good by NFL standards because people will put up with someone’s shit if they can bring to the table. This is a financial move on Nike’s part because they’re a Goliath company who need to stay in the lime light. Companies look for new, creative, angles to keep reinventing themselves. This, in general, isn’t that inventive, but it’ll work. It’ll work because, generally, the type of people who buy $250 sneakers aren’t very smart with money and won’t read into anything else. And they probably don’t give a shit about some woman or kid who made the shoe for a fraction of that’s cost and no bathroom breaks. People aren’t affected in America by things like that, and that’s the real problem.

  19. blaekwonthechef

    This guy is a walking contradiction

  20. ronin.432hz

    Why would anybody want to argue about Al Pacino…

  21. og_big_johnny

    Let the MAN work he’s done nothing wrong !!!

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