The message he’s trying to convey here is something I have a hard time communica…

The message hes trying to convey here is something I

The message he’s trying to convey here is something I have a hard time communicating to a lot of people but a sentiment I feel often. I need to find a better way of expressing it or maybe need to learn to better communicate that I’m taking time to “get right” …or set an auto-response text, like an AIM away message did for us a decade and a half ago… 🙃I’m not sure. I go dark for days at a time sometimes and then resurface and answer some messages.. to which i get (an understandable and sensible) response of anger, frustration and hurt feelings… which kills me. Feeling that I’ve made people feel unappreciated or unimportant to me has the soul-deep impact on me that it kind of undoes the positive impact I’d affected by taking the self-betterment time to begin with. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Sorry for the random heart-spill (especially to the trolls who literally comment things to the effect of “no one cares what you think about, just shut up and post your ass” 😒 please eat a bag of dicks instead of writing that heartless shit next time you feel so compelled) but idk, it’s just something on my mind often, almost constantly, that I thought I’d try to put in words in case anyone else is feeling this and going through the same struggle. I think most people go through the a lot of same heartaches and feel a lot of the same insecurities, and i think sometimes it helps to let people know how normal those shortcomings are to feel. This might not be one of those instances lol but still, if anybody relates, just want you to know you’re not alone. We’ll get it right one day. 🤷🏼‍♀️😚 Til then, give yourself a break. They’ll be alright. People who matter don’t mind, people who mind *shouldn’t matter. Sometimes they do… in which case, you have to help them understand what’s going on with you. To anyone in my life that feels that glass slipper fits… please try to understand my heart, reread, back to top. Lol. -TAABG

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  1. makeupbae7

    What’s your sign? You sound so much like my Aquarius or Pisces friends…they have a habit of needing to fall off the face of the earth with no warning…one of my friends says she appreciates people “not taking her need for personal space personally…” 🤷🏾‍♀️…sounds like self discovery to me…

  2. uh.collin

    It isn’t even Chance’s account lmao, it’s a fan account, made by a teen.

  3. welcomebrandon

    @theallamericanbadgirl. Don’t apologize for being yourself. What you just describe is just the way I am. 💟💟

  4. eleate_whisky

    Its all about what ones social circle consider a higher prioritie, surround yourself with people who support you when you want to work on your self as much as when you want to go out and party. As with everything balance is key, and good friend will praise you no mather the current mood.

  5. yeah_nawimgood

    This is so on point.

  6. funnycolorscrew

    I once cancelled a date because my socks didn’t match. This is what he means right? @theallamericanbadgirl

  7. aries_lyfe_416

    I’m not gonna lie..I’ve been reading books heavily lately.. I wish I cared more about reading when I was younger..

  8. 2xorpio

    The world is an INSTANT place now. Remember having to leave a message for someone on their house phone answering machine? it was cool for them to get back to you the next day. No biggie. But the minute five minutes goes by without a text message response and people lose their shit now a days. Do you girl. You’re clearly doing something right!

  9. michibikinis


  10. klinickal121

    Get other friends then. 😉

  11. killahkass31

    You do u and its ok to take time to urself if they care for u im sure they will understand

  12. grimy_ape


  13. mk_muammar_ali


  14. djcasketo

    Staying home cuz you broke it’s ok to…

  15. jessicaleecomedy

    I’ve Read 3 books already this month & we only a week in….nothing wrong with self enlightenment, healing & alone time to recharge! 💝

  16. mxdwithlove


  17. cjones35

    💯respect !!!

  18. charliezuckerbrod

    Wow that’s deep really deep. You should post more thought provoking stuff like this

  19. adamlessley

    I’m a Gemini too! It’s difficult just to sit still for us . Our spirit keeps us in motion a lot. But ; yeah, we need it for clarity and focus

  20. 6ltba


  21. drtydame

    That blue hair is fire!! 💯

  22. big_mattjr

    I approve!!!!!💯💯💯🏌🏾‍♂️

  23. greyy.ray

    Seek help always. Too damn fine be unfine.

  24. ushihaitachi

    Tu n’es qu’une pute qui sait à peine lire

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