thank u, next…

thank u

thank u, next

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  1. bklynbishop


  2. sumitabh_07

    And the quote I guess is from the subtle art of not giving a fuck

  3. tybeast_ing

    Statutes shall be made in his honor. 🙌😂

  4. divinebeauttybar


  5. chief.gerry

    Lmao!!! 🤣🤣

  6. og_extra

    He’s not the hero they want but he’s the scumbag they always need!!! 😆

  7. bigz1821

    🤣🤣🤣😂👍 awesome

  8. mista_kane

    @djwilliams1 @luke_shae_h

  9. tripslikstar

    Well dam…that’s original #epictroll

  10. vegasmike801roots

    Not real 😵

  11. tdaddydollaz


  12. king_tra1n_419

    Leave me Tf alone they’re not hurting u if it bothers u that much go buy them all homes to live in otherwise stfu

  13. king_tra1n_419

    Leave them*

  14. samoht342

    Man Bear Pig is real!

  15. _drequannn


  16. brickhousepower


  17. gjesperen


  18. garrisonblack1

    That’s why you not supposed to have a tent set up in front of 7-11

  19. ashayehale


  20. ryandevee87

    There goes my hero

  21. booncaby

    Mans that pawful why he gotta be like that

  22. ogiimaa

    Hahahahahaha that’s fucken awesome

  23. the.darker.danker.cuzz666

    I guess it was more than he could bear @theallamericanbadgirl 😢😢 sorry can’t let that one go unsaid.

  24. danieldoyle84


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