Swiper, no swiping …

Swiper no swiping


Swiper, no swiping 🦊

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  1. frannie.comm

    It be ur own

  2. moi_beau_atou

    Holy shit bro no way 😆😆😆

  3. shagohad7

    Dog like “I know this fat mf didn’t”

  4. lunrdaze


  5. cassmeowtside


  6. j_wshayne

    Once again this has been reposted, and no one knows what they are talking about. Trainers at dog shows put the treats in their mouths so the dog looks up at them. Everyone single trainer does it, it just happens this one is a little overweight.

  7. alphonso.white

    Weird flex, but ok

  8. f4m3d

    @nathan_kraus7 🤣

  9. dru_murdy

    Lol wtf!! @rachel_l_rondeau …that’s your homie!!!

  10. peteygreen211

    This not the first time he stole treats from a dog i can tell

  11. royvlcurves

    He may not want his dog eating the treats they had presented there (just a thought, not sure though)

  12. ron_harder


  13. chasing_air


  14. action_jackson1020

    That’s crazy

  15. omega.gt.54


  16. tana_squaad

    Oh Nooooo😆😅🔥😂😄😭😁

  17. only_1_maurice


  18. ms.tastycakes


  19. bike4bike_ty


  20. manofbobruisk

    @tbhurdd have a great day

  21. amber.la.day


  22. clifton303

    And ate it himself 🤨

  23. outwith.theold_inwith.thenunez


  24. andrew_v_scott


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