Swipe to see all 5.. sooo uh I was thinking about coming back to the northeast a…

Swipe to see all 5.. sooo uh I was thinking about coming back to the northeast again in a few weeks for Christmas with the fam and to freeeze my chesticles off… I’m still here from thanksgiving now and heading home to LA soon (yay) but tbh swimming and sunbathing on Christmas Eve just takes the holly jolly out of this ho ho hoooe lmao 😂😂😂 it feels more Christamasy to soothe the freezing cold misery with some hot coco and a fire than to kick it under the palm trees lol. Chu think? I’ve got followers all over the place… What’s the holiday season like where you live?

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  3. xl77

    Finde die Stifte @jblazeg

  4. tendekai7

    eres sobresaliente

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  6. hmelero0573

    Beautiful and Gorgeous 🐾✌

  7. merwanbenzoui

    wow you so beautiful sweetheart 😉

  8. drivemax13

    Luxus foto Great format

  9. bornflee2

    Tom’s River?? Really??…Me too..🤗😅😘👀🔥🍾🥂⚘..beautiful

  10. kak_vashe_

    Пиздец 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    @kateupton vibes

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    You Are Perfect In My Eyes Girl

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    You look a lot like Joey Heatherton

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    Just beautiful

  19. dimitripresley73

    I’m in North Elizabeth New Jersey

  20. dimitripresley73

    Very pretty Beautiful Woman great curves nice body pretty face

  21. justnthymellc_40

    It’s all love a green in the DMV

  22. marlo4547

    Those are some great New York boobs lol

  23. jose_xo_2500

    The video was hilarious asf😭😂😂

  24. jkray88

    Hit that all day long

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