Suck on that everlastinggobstopper, violet lmaooo…

Suck on that everlastinggobstopper violet lmaooo

Suck on that everlastinggobstopper, violet lmaooo

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  1. theprinceir7


  2. soy_el_a1

    @theallamericanbadgirl Come here girl. Tell me who hurt you?

  3. logicalson


  4. manny.tobal


  5. ceaser_91

    Thats total bull

  6. frankiep_83

    Yeah I am

  7. xoramirez96

    @theallamericanbadgirl Ohh I like that!

  8. bgn0p3


  9. dyll_mikail

    That’s not true

  10. dyll_mikail

    I’m nice as fuh

  11. realkingsimon

    Lies, everybody will step on a nice person

  12. rolemodelj

    you must have taken all but those three pills to believe that


    Such a lie , girls like someone who’s nice but is assertive , talks to her with respect and is straight forward but also she doesn’t want someone who doesn’t take control , the whole “nice guy” thing is kinda stupid .

  14. all_star29

    Damn this hurts ha but might be true

  15. clarkent13

    Half true

  16. leonekenny

    Stop projecting what works for women onto men. All these single moms raise thier boys to be “nice” to women cuz it worked for them as a woman. It’s not abouy being good or bad, Its about being a man

  17. chrisgmetal

    Not true

  18. abe.froman.skc

    You’re right…I’m not. But who can handle it?

  19. officialdabier


  20. blaccstrife

    You right

  21. ryanhellaili

    Just try me and judge

  22. mfahaadkhan

    the pills ain’t needed if white girls will compromise for black men💥😋

  23. kxngn9ne

    Or most girls are just actual cunts which is why guys match their negative energy and “aren’t as nice as you think they are” 🤦🏻‍♂️🙄

  24. dsm_maui

    Nah I’m a nice gay ❤️😭

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