Starting to wonder whether or not people know I’ve never actually played or lo…

Starting to wonder whether or not people know Ive never

Starting to wonder whether or not people know I’ve never actually played #captainmarvel or #powergirl lol

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  1. pop_gc


  2. mistaill1da

    Yea you could play Cap Marvel flawlessly

  3. d.alex326

    That makes way too much sense

  4. zubair714

    Perfect for Powergirl

  5. dsbrandnametm


  6. mohdzulzz.8338


  7. atticus1up

    I wish you would do a Power Girl pictorial

  8. wesszone84

    I see the resemblance 😊

  9. mr_no_games_

    U could play tht captain marvel character u have the face and body… but can u act… 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. real_cool_boyy

    I could see this

  11. realest.ueva.seen

    Super Hero!!!

  12. reddwilson4

    U can b my wonder woman everyday and i will b youre super man

  13. djordan88

    Ohh you would be perfect. But I’m not sure if you can act

  14. daily_motivatinal_quotes99

    You look perfect for the part but can you act and plus they already got there captain Marvel

  15. jblaze600

    Aka captain marvel. Wow 😍

  16. theblackdavinci

    It is now your duty to cosplay or go out for this role

  17. contrastprecision

    Captain Marvel⚡️@theallamericanbadgirl

  18. a_loyal_badguy

    I was legit just thinking you look a lot like captain marvel

  19. anilchandel542

    Add captain marvel……

  20. hurrikanejorge

    You should definitely audition for this role they are coming out with the movie for Captain Marvel 2019 and she’s going to be a part of the next avengers movie you dead look like her though

  21. sebastin.n

    Apparently they’re not using the comic version of Captain Marvel.

  22. yerrrrspamm

    Powergirl would suit you

  23. cmma_28

    Most definitely look like her but you have such a big booty which captain marvel doesn’t have 🤷🏽‍♂️

  24. jscottheaven


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