Sooo this was my week I just had the best work experience I’ve had in a while…..

Sooo this was my week I just had the best


Sooo this was my week 😍 I just had the best work experience I’ve had in a while… the universal LOVE, positivity and good vibes on this trip were some things I’ve really needed and I’m so thankful for. Killinggg 20 shoots in such a short time and getting publications and social content for a good few months lol all in one shot, not a bad outcome either. @entertainmentworldhd @thefif5thelement @jeffblack_the_promoter truly appreciate you for bringing this experience on and into my life, in one way or another, and sooo look forward to our next endeavor… all of the models, photographers, clothing line sponsors, MUAs, stylists, etc… everyone was a fucking angel and blessing I’m so thankful to spent some time with, can’t wait to get my pics and vids to share with you guys who they each are, too.. but in this vid @maisakehl @iamjaqueline @exoticyesenia @al3jalove4fitness it’s so weird to try to put into words but it felt amazing to be celebrated, complimented and enjoyed all week, everybody sees the following and comments and thinks that the good vibes come my way 24/7 but tbh, with every new job or achievement comes a gang of new haters and people who wanna let you know they think y’aint shit lol, so it felt good to have so much love and especially from WOMEN. Fuck! I feel reinvigorated and ready to take on the world and push forward. Thanks again guys.

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    My kind of party

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    So beautiful

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    Bad ass

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    Wtf is this lmaooo

  5. mrfigureditout_

    What kind of white girl shake was that @theallamericanbadgirl lmaoooo

  6. mrfigureditout_

    Lmfaoooooo at @theallamericanbadgirl fair enough

  7. keough_01

    From the video I wish this was my weekend😂

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    Damn!!! All y’all fine!!!

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    Such a adorable naughty sexy lady

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    All so amazing

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    Todas maravilhosas ✌👌❤😍

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