Sooo I gather you guys miss the long hair…

Sooo I gather you guys miss the long hair

Sooo I gather you guys miss the long hair

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  1. mejia.louis

    Hair?! ….what hair???

  2. athleticj614


  3. blakeafoster

    Grow that hair back looks way better …. sheesh 😍

  4. drgmnytrapp

    How tall are you?

  5. ascavioli

    please bring it back

  6. gatorboyleo

    Long hair is gorgeous, short hair gives black men hope.

  7. erinblack848

    I prefer girls to have long hair but you’re still beautiful short hair

  8. wgardleyatl

    That hair is 🔥 @theallamericanbadgirl

  9. jamesshannon2290

    Super sexy

  10. gabriel.gonzales1974

    You do look bangin in the long hair but the short hair is super sexy. Not all women can pull off short hair but you can.

  11. almiira59


  12. ahmadr_t


  13. lashsrn911

    Such beauty and class..

  14. phil_thee_gains

    Long hair please @theallamericanbadgirl

  15. caboverde57

    Hot 🤩🤩❤️❤️

  16. lookscouldkyll


  17. ahmad_y_ebo

    u like hot with short hair

  18. tiffany_lorraine

    @genreid body/booty goals 😍😍😍


    @marcvdvoort @ziemenu

  20. zcsmith9er

    You look wayyyyyy better with long hair

  21. shaaathang

    REAL ASSS 😍❗️

  22. ricoale1


  23. fenstenk

    Soooo much!

  24. gregorymichaelcarter

    You grow your hair back out and we go together. Those are the terms. ❤️

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