…seriously lol. I couldn’t think of anyone this looks more like than me, other…

seriously lol I couldnt think of anyone this looks more

…seriously lol. I couldn’t think of anyone this looks more like than me, other than my mom at my age lmao. Thanks for the dm, @m4n0nth3m00n 💓🙌🏼 amazing work by @thealexrossart

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  1. estebam.jr

    Power girl or captain marvel.. 💘💘💘

  2. indieclassradio


  3. ambassadordusa

    You should’ve played captain marvel 😍

  4. one5th

    Wow you would be perfect to play carol danvers aka captain marvel! 😯

  5. tony.wilborn

    @theallamericanbadgirl Best pic of all in my book #CaptainMarvel

  6. tonyfranny

    Wanna see the movie in theaters I think you in it

  7. yo_beamers

    Go for a power girl cosplay or a power girl role u look exactly lik her body n all

  8. lostinpiff

    Exactly why didn’t you get that part

  9. lostinpiff

    You are perfect for that role perfect did you even go out for it you should have

  10. itsnizzi

    Just do the porn parody of it.

  11. jay_sayhey

    Why aren’t you the real Captain Marvel?

  12. amir.n1983

    you are my best super hero bealive me girl ther is no better super hero than you 😍

  13. yourfantasyrealized

    Did you watch the movie 🍿 🎥 yet @theallamericanbadgirl

  14. mme_o_x

    I can’t unsee her as captain marvel now 😂

  15. richardthompson2165

    A 25 liter container of water.

  16. bigbrown1977

    Hell I still would want her now if that’s the case lol.vyou are toooo beautiful…smh!

  17. jordan.spp

    no no no theyre all lying to you. ur power girl hands down

  18. memesnbooty

    You should have been captain marvel

  19. ssdotstagram

    @theallamericanbadgirl Pic of your mom for the ppl?

  20. andres_oee_831


  21. darkmannx01

    Halloween is around the corner would make for some great pictures with you in these costumes

  22. darkmannx01

    🤔 maybe do a couple scenes from the movie I got to see that movie again

  23. darkmannx01

    I swear if you could have gotten this role on Agents of Shield you would have been as big as Kim Kardashian

  24. cochran.lee

    Super women

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