Not doing my hair, makeup or giving a shit at all for months is actually making …

Not doing my hair, makeup or giving a shit at all for months is actually making me look better. Ha. Thanks quarantine depression. 🤣 Welp, next time I post I’ll have fresh highlights (and this same awkward bowl cut hair length). But can’t get to long and gorgeous without going through this Kevin Bacon hairstyle lmfaooo. “can i talk to the manager” Karen length. 🤣 but a fresh&blonde Karen, at least. 😍😆🥳 ever since @makemeprettyjackie took over my hair situation… I finally have hope for it to grow and be gorgeous soon. 😍😩🥺🙌

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  1. scarlett_young_fqs

    I cаn dо what yоur girlfriеnd can’t do

  2. nikovander

    I like how casual you are tho. Always a fun vibe with Amy💕💕

  3. atillaarpad23

    I miss you so much Miss Amazing Body

  4. storageunit26

    Why you so tall

  5. william_timberlake14


  6. 89tsunami

    Whats up with your onlyfans?

  7. d69c

    My God where have you been⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️😍😍

  8. talalelm

    You lost weight! Looking good Amy 😍😍

  9. scorpio23m

    You have such amazing natural beauty..i absolutely love seeing you pop up on my notifications..i sooo need the distraction and smile you bring me with what im going through right now in my life

  10. focused_dedication

    Flawless! 💯 👏and that personality is the best of all!!!

  11. j.r_palma_cooper


  12. wolf85085

    Looking good🔥

  13. damianrojano223

    Well no matter how you look you are still a beauty haha but glad that you are doing well 🥰🥰😊😊😁

  14. samuraixtkd


  15. theallamericanbadgirl

    Btw: Sweaty, underslept pics recycled from yesterdays story lmao my bad.. but at the salon now&I just realized these are my only recent selfies, so the only shots of my truuue natural color, I haven’t gotten it done in 6mo. Excited as Leo in the last slide about getting beautified&blondie by Jackie today…! And that my hair is finally growing!

  16. 901therealist

    There goes the prettiest girl on instagram 😍😍😍

  17. dreadyteddy

    One thing quarantine has done is allow people to rediscover themselves again and find some comfort with their own. If its their no make up face to family.

  18. j.sneed01

    I’ve missed you ❤

  19. damnhomie11


  20. damianrojano223

    You just keep on being your goofy , adorable ,lovable self and I miss seeing your humor but enjoy your day and take care 🤪😁🥰

  21. moualucky


  22. castironkev

    Lol Karen length 🤣🤣

  23. mancavebc

    Your an amazing woman great sense of humour and gorgeous

  24. parkermckennaaa


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