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@netflix 😁

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  1. hbk._c

    What the movie called

  2. kedrenjackson

    What movie is that?

  3. mrbambara

    The only scene I remember 😍

  4. cornells84

    What movie is this

  5. shmokin_tokin

    I knew that was you

  6. _carterthagreat


  7. crisdeion

    I knew that was you. Good scene ♥️

  8. just_dizz32

    Saw the movie last night. Big up👏👏👏

  9. mr.futureathletics

    My favorite part of that movie… literally.. you and @eppsie made that movie

  10. dsbrandnametm


  11. in.vikt.uhs

    Just saw you in this. I was like wait.. ain’t that lol

  12. zaf7684


  13. deebo_dapro

    Ohhh that was you. …I was like damn she a baddie…

  14. mahiamir

    Nicee👏👏 wish you good luck on your acting carrear😄

  15. cholosinbarrio

    The best scene of that shit movie! Haha.. 🖤🔥

  16. mackbillionz

    The Trap 😍😍

  17. renrick.w

    This was a good movie

  18. andre_thecloser

    Lol all these comments has me die n 💯 @theallamericanbadgirl keep slay n fwd but I’m sure the overall movie is live as well

  19. shyelaine1994

    Whats that movie called ?

  20. drought12

    I seen the movie the other night.. it was awesome I liked it 💯🔥

  21. xvx_p

    Wat movie

  22. revdlo


  23. 99.kingkenny

    The trap good movie

  24. zari.872165190210


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