Me&my sis Looking at this pic of us that I keep in my wallet&I’m like wait. Is i…

Memy sis Looking at this pic of us that I

Me&my sis🥰😋 Looking at this pic of us that I keep in my wallet&I’m like wait. Is it just the lighting here? Am I a ginger…? Been dying&highlighting my hair since 5th grade so 🤷🏼‍♀️😂🤣

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  1. luis_ramos2003

    How did u go from being this little girl to being a complete hottie

  2. gdeep2997


  3. jeromeadean

    Wait, are you a Jersey girl @theallamericanbadgirl Lol! I’m a Jersey boy! Lovely photo by the way 😀✨

  4. pream_sajan

    Good 👌

  5. hjosuehernandez9633


  6. darren_ayles


  7. lenwood86

    @theallamericanbadgirl y’all look like y’all can fuck some shit up at Toy-R-Us.

  8. tareq_albloshi


  9. mrtonycrudup

    You guys look like you steal candy! Lol

  10. indiancrunkstar


  11. saad_dxb_nz

    Im sorry lil princess this world took your innocence and turn you into just a piece of flesh for man’s pleasure

  12. sasaannnn


  13. djdctoronto

    @theallamericanbadgirl how is Mom’s doing…..sent flowers



  15. lkrfn65

    Which one are you? Both so cute!

  16. tim_ian_carpenter

    80 ies pictures are incomparable. 🔥

  17. tim_ian_carpenter

    I’m pretty sure I saw your sister on the bus, the other day. At least I recognized her as someone I knew as a kid, shortly after seeing her. This photo pretty much confirmed it. Man, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?!

  18. raghu4gl


  19. mamba_mafia_248


  20. jairmartimianos


  21. iamsamehashour

    Cute little girls👧

  22. ftjames935


  23. jasonalixandr

    🤣 nice 👍💘

  24. itz__adk

    Actually this photo is better than your any other photos.

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