Maybe I’ll give him a cousin later but in the mean time I’ll just g’head and be …

Maybe Ill give him a cousin later but in the

Maybe I’ll give him a cousin later but in the mean time I’ll just g’head and be as obsessed with my nephew as I wanna be 😍😜😂 we were on a BYOC mission headed to Cheesecake Factory …..bring your own chicken lmao

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  1. firozkhan296

    This your child

  2. avuozelt

    quien fuera ese niño para darme un atascon en esas leches

  3. supermunec0

    You need one!

  4. djdeadarm


  5. kima_mualhlun

    good boy

  6. tigrediez

    Mamasita tienes unas caderas espectaculares

  7. thaghettocyrano


  8. barttysky

    Of course tons are volunteering to be the uncle from the caption

  9. therealshammmy

    What hair product do you use Amy?

  10. gearhopper

    Yep. And he’s going to have a little mixed mocha color cousin too.

  11. kingofthiscity_

    I’ll give him a cousin

  12. kingofthiscity_

    Shit make that twins yea he gonna have twin cousins both boys

  13. charliearm007

    He is so adorable. That’s going to be one lucky man to be with a goddess like you 🌹😍💜

  14. fashion_god1

    It shows your inner strength and determination let’s you for one and us know fasho we can make it as long as we know how life is leading us…

  15. fr.ank6777

    I like this nice one

  16. yhlb.rjlk


  17. lanota_oficial

    No have baby😱😱

  18. oscara.2060

    Puedo colaborar en ese sobrino digno de ese pequeño!!

  19. 95_7380

    Mommy time.. bless….

  20. jonniegator

    @kennyrandall3 MILF!

  21. ajinkya__786


  22. iamdellyy

    Our lighskin babies gone be sumthin special 🥴❤️

  23. akhnaton_afghanistan

    My sister says the same thing

  24. karnail7417


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