Maaaaaan if it weren’t for live photo, you guys couldn’t share with me in the ri…

Maaaaaan if it werent for live photo you guys couldnt


Maaaaaan if it weren’t for live photo, you guys couldn’t share with me in the ridiculousness of my experience trying to get a pic for this 😂😂😂 ANYWAY you guys know perrrrty well, I never threw on the lil boobie-tape-bra, twisted-empty-toothpaste-tube-waist-trainers, or whatever else influencers cop a check to say they like. I’m not with that and don’t endorse things I don’t ACTUALLY use and like. That being said, I’ve been stress eating, plumping up and putting fat over my muscles I work hard for. I’m starting a 14day teatox detox thingamajig with @fittea – I’ll letcha know in 2 weeks what I REALLY think. So excited to see my results. Why not? They said it’s all natural and offer a money back guarantee. Stay tuned for fatness updates #fittea #fit #goals #energy #ad (btw for the first one I’m literally sitting in my roommates sink 😂😂😂)

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  1. jestfulham

    Dont buy shits a scam there is no mircle drink! Dont let the glits glams and booties fool you weak minded people. H2o and dedication dont get scammed #FalseProphet #falseidols

  2. mahdishahham

    Beautiful eyes

  3. letthelordbewithjoe

    LOL fit tea is shit

  4. pop_gc


  5. _slesh27_

    Классные сиськи

  6. mundo0763


  7. av_monster_fl

    how to sel products over internet step 1: get a chick that looks like a porn star step 2 have the girl treat the bottle or “supplement dispenser” like a cock because you know, she looks like a porn star step 3: repeat step one and two

  8. moncef_slimani


  9. heccttoor_barzoola

    Cuándo mires lás Estrella a cuerdate de mí por que en cada unas de ellas hay un besó para ti 🌹💞🐝💕💕💕🌹🌷💘💘

  10. me_emoji_key_board_

    Daddy’s baby

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  14. grandosbeto

    Did it work?

  15. patricksonsalla


  16. marcus_maxximista

    You gotta check out this Flat Tummy Tea spoof on @lovebrandi’s and fitness model Gabriel’s pages on IG. It’s the craziest shit about a product fail ever!

  17. marcus_maxximista

    It’s on @lovebrandimarie’s page.

  18. emir.asf

    Çok tatlısın bana numaranı ver bebek

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  20. mhtabheydari

    @vahidabbasiam ya ablfz😐y lahze bala tnsho didm trsidm kh qole in az saat sheni gozashte dambele😂☺

  21. zahrai_reyhane

    @liliko_as یاخدا سله یو🤣🤣🤣

  22. yassine_waldi

    Amore mio

  23. jessie.lloyd69

    I can tell you got a Lil bad girl in you as well

  24. dwayneahall305

    Absolutely gorgeous😘😘😍

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