Lmao did I ever mention how dope I think the boys from @dormtainment and @jeanro…

Lmao did I ever mention how dope I think the boys from @dormtainment and @jeanrobert are??? 🤗🥴🙌🏼

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  1. brar_matta


  2. 72kevkat

    Yeah you definitely ain’t the typical white girl 😲🍑👀…. and I ain’t mad at’cha💯

  3. daggerlu

    This was GREAT 😭😂😂

  4. redxhawk

    It be like that though

  5. jay.daking.313

    Ya sister or Friday or who ever that is is cut too

  6. pezhman.shirzadi72


  7. airmaxpusher

    😂😆😂😆😂😆 Good one

  8. jimmyjoe1004


  9. tj_bailey33

    @maddox_ian_122 😂

  10. theohines


  11. thefreshsince81


  12. thedjpnice


  13. ms_privilege_

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😍 I just love you

  14. yungsta904


  15. itbliketht247

    Had them boys in CHECK haha

  16. felipe_cl6


  17. fareszaoui

    @saada_anis بلاك ومن أااا طحان😂😂

  18. suzy_qb

    @majesty_1234 😂😂

  19. elijahroc


  20. blastermayank

    @hafsakhattak9 ye bhi dekho😂🤣😂

  21. luvthye

    @jtree15 that mf that looked at the Tupac picture is you I swear😂

  22. blakecharliie

    And this was suppose to be funny?? Trying to figure out what was the message and the point in making this??? I knew it was only a matter of time scrolling through this page that I would see something like this. 🙄 BLACK MEN and these white people love finding, searching and looking for a way to demean the black woman. Sad and pathetic.

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  24. hmyd1733rd


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