Just read this and had a flashback to when i was 5, my mom was reading Clifford …

Just read this and had a flashback to when i

Just read this and had a flashback to when i was 5, my mom was reading Clifford the Big Red Dog to me and was like “omg it’s almost your name!” and told me my name was Amelia Elizabeth. I thought my name was Amy my whole life. I was 5 when I learned my name. #🌈TheMoreYouKnow 😂😂😂

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  1. vidal_superninja_gaming

    Thanks to my family I thought my name was “Dumb ass” until I got my first state I.D

  2. iamjayquin

    I applaud you for the comment

  3. rln3

    Who comes to mind @skinnymcmustache 🤔

  4. bigbfromob

    You’re ahead of the curve I can’t remember learning anything before 5 anyway lol. I was 17 when I found out I was a junior.

  5. chrisinhollywood

    Well, people get rid of their partners bc of it 😂

  6. viciousmalice

    My nephew didn’t know his first name was Michael until he was 7 because sis and bro-in-law use his middle name exclusively

  7. angelamongjackals

    Real life Clifford life would have been hell and probably end up in a government sanctioned zoo

  8. robeltran1

    It was a cartoon! 🤓

  9. tu_mai_puntocom

    😒 that’s cause Emily Elizabeth done got a whole car along with that tiny puppy

  10. ny_darko

    Amelia Bedelia

  11. trapdoorsnkrs


  12. 456jkl987

    My friend told his kids they could have a dog if they fed it and picked up the poop in the yard. So they got a dog. I over heard the 8 year old say when Clifford the big red dog was on, who picks up Clifford’s poop, and they made ugh noises. I laughed so hard.

  13. nirvana_mama2


  14. faizalfman291

    Then you remember the logistics to feed a dog that big for 6 to 7 years

  15. vcmpics23

    Anybody else actually wanted a big red dog like Clifford as a kid

  16. expectnic

    I have literally saved over half my animal family because people ain’t shit. I have 6 cats and 2 dogs and I still make it work, and I’ll still take more in should they need a home. In my house, everyone eats, everyone gets love, we help others

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  20. chupacabracadabra

    People that move to a new place that doesn’t allow pets… needs to find a new place to move to! My little fuzzy girl is my everything!

  21. christian._soto

    Speaking of dogs. Mine just died last Monday and I didn’t find out until yesterday

  22. som1isjarad

    #iwas5 lol

  23. _emran_qh

    Please check direct

  24. unknwnjojo


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