Jesus, take this L…

Jesus take this L

Jesus, take this L

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  1. zee.womanizer


  2. davey_swindleton13

    And still undisputed champion of the world!!!!!! The internet!!!!😂😂😂😆💀

  3. tripslikstar


  4. mjallen32

    Ehhhh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. hillbillydakidd


  6. fenstenk

    Backboard? I don’t need no stinking backboard. I hit the bottom ery time like Steph! 😂❤️

  7. ryandevee87

    And the Lord sayeth unto thee: “Nothing but net!”

  8. co8499

    Jesus want to play basketball

  9. playboi.j_23

    Meh this ain’t funny

  10. _daverenegade_

    Died on cross and you made this blasphemy post

  11. 88888b8bb

    do the same with “Star of David”, we will see what’s happend

  12. adamtownsend19959

    I bet that cross is somewhere in Indiana

  13. djavier_f

    Eso es estúpido 👎 no jueges con el rey 👑 que el castigo es más fuerte

  14. young_cam_splash

    You’re a real 🤡🤡🤡 that shit not funny at all smfh

  15. cdqatl

    Lol damn

  16. supercarsconnect

    Jesus loved u and died on that cross for all@or Your sins. It’s time for you to repent my friend. God Bless.

  17. mohammad_tower_crane


  18. richardthompson2165

    Eight four three seven three one six 0 two eight.

  19. dansadeh23


  20. kolt4588

    Lmao @emily3eads

  21. aj_v1.7

    🤦🏽‍♂️so disrespectful. Im really disappointed.

  22. jx1s

    Check DM!

  23. drippyy_.e

    you’re the one that’s gonna take the L during the rapture

  24. v1nny__m1chel0__95__2o2o______

    My nigga jesus probably use to play basketball in sandals and made crazy jump shots. Like controlling the wind and shit to redirect the ball when going out of place. Nigga probably so good his sandals were the top selling basketball footwear by then. Today we have the air jordans. Then they had the ‘peace be still jesus still sandals’. For those that don’t know Jesus on a boat once in the bible stopped a storm by just saying peace be still and in doing so showing that he was the master of nature. His fellow disciples then did not understand that he was supernatural God in the flesh so where confused by what had happened. Story source bible mark 4:39. In my option just think his disciple Peter had a bad burrito and the gas was crazy in the boat then Jesus got a candle and a match stick the light it up so that the smoke could take away the bad air smell. Was peace to the air again. Just a joke

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