I’ve watched this loop like 87x …between @directorx lil dance, other dudeman’s…

Ive watched this loop like 87x between @directorx lil dance


I’ve watched this loop like 87x …between @directorx lil dance, other dudeman’s glance, the person taking a pic in the back lmaooo… all the subtle lil details have got me in a trance 😂🤣

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  1. cabrera_josecito


  2. alireza.hasani865

    Sexy nice

  3. anthony_king_voss

    I man can dream 😍😍😍😍

  4. anon1ne

    Yummy 😉

  5. whitejabber

    Super great video

  6. befourtwelve

    Why it look like @tyreedillon hanging out in the background? Lmfao😭

  7. saad.zemouri

    🔥💋😘😍🤗❤️i like it

  8. theprofessional.m7


  9. fortheeyecandy

    Perfection. Dammit, now I’ve craving a snack 😍🤣

  10. therealmalikslystone


  11. ravi.lalla1978

    Niiiice…are you coming back to trinidad this year?

  12. nmt4857


  13. swagger1981

    What you we’re here? I wish I knew that @theallamericanbadgirl damn 🤦‍♂️

  14. _mf_mhd

    thats my girl

  15. mahmudjavid


  16. mohamad0abdo000


  17. marv_monti

    You should come down to #Trinidad to the ORIGIN of #Carnival

  18. dime_expert


  19. blingmarine_13

    Good lord❣️ 🔥🍑

  20. rum_86_dog

    😲😲 oh lordy lordy lordy howdy 🔥🔥🔥

  21. susha.rad565

    Style VeRy BeSt

  22. imdiv2018


  23. somegoodlookingguy

    Where’s the vid of you dancing though 👀

  24. raghu4gl


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