I’m the one you don’t like texting tho I suck, universally…

Im the one you dont like texting tho I suck

I’m the one you don’t like texting tho I suck, universally

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  1. chuckbizzle


  2. tmcquade24


  3. jr010101

    The other way around

  4. rumoured_truth

    Texting sucks… no feel of emotion whaysoever

  5. theexperience82

    Usually the other way around. 🤣

  6. ab_dahmed

    2 different worlds I swear

  7. quezdaniel

    What’s your number

  8. maceoremy

    Hence texting is not a personality.

  9. akin.martins

    😏.. Sucks..🤓.. But Better If U Are Good!!😉

  10. breastauranthq

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  11. reekin6591

    Maaaaan!! Shit get taken the wrong way all the time.

  12. odg.kalab


  13. neweranoah

    Hell yea

  14. 1yungchild

    @theallamericanbadgirl yh im sure u didn’t reply to my dm

  15. fr_0h


  16. ajazaquell

    @theallamericanbadgirl yup.. YOURS

  17. acesin007

    If I even respond. I’m horrible at txtn back

  18. brodylundquist

    texting personality is what makes women like my real personality lol

  19. ghostface_chillr

    If you say dat and not talking about digital music in anyway, I’m not texting back.

  20. trevor_nathaniel

    prove it

  21. vintzvawn


  22. _carterlind

    🤧U don’t wow

  23. cavalerazulkarnain

    This is awesome!

  24. riasharma5000


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