I’m on the left my sis Heidi’s on the right… my mom always dressed us like li…

Im on the left my sis Heidis on the right

I’m on the left ♥️😁 my sis Heidi’s on the right… my mom always dressed us like lil bopsie twins 👯🥰 oh and that’s monkmonk in the middle there, that was our faaavorite toy but beyond that, favorite thing in general. I was more sad about dat baaaby getting ruined in a flood than when our hamster Banana died. 😂 and dude, writing this, I’m laughing my ass off at the names we chose for everything, and just how friggin cute and sweet that was of our parents. Who the hell agrees to call a pet …Banana. Has serious conversations about ..Banana. Asks us daily if we fed ..Banana and then helped us dig a gravesite and have a lil funeral in the yard, so we can properly mourn and accept the loss of …Banana. They did all that with a straight face, too. Man, that’s beyooond me. 😂🥰 We didn’t have much growing up but I’m so thankful that there was always an abundance of love. My step father raised us since we were a 1&2, and has been the best father in the world. The reason we didn’t have too much, though, was that he was the SOLE provider and my mom was able to focus on being a mom.. WHAT would have been of us, if he hadn’t been there?! So thankful for the fact that I was blessed to even HAVE a father, after my moms 1st husband proved to be a deadbeat, who wasn’t interested in knowing us, let alone providing for us. Even child support. Nothin but a glorified sperm donor, that had a whole ass wedding and started a family, with no dutiful obligation to that investment emotionally or financially. My mom&dave are still married to this day, and trussst me, his unconditional love is strong af, sheeee be wylin a lil bit, here and there. Hahaha. Lil mems like these, seen through the scope of a much older, wiser lens, make me realize just HOW lucky we were for that and special and rare that is. Could y’all really imagine me, with how I already behave, if I had extreme daddy issues TOO?! 😂😂😂 sheesh. Here’s to the fathers and mothers out there. Call em while you can, if you still can, and let them know the little mems that pop up for you&how much you appreciate what they mean to the older&wiser you.♥️🥺🥰 ps – BANANA?!?! *drako voice* 😂😂😂 Drop a 🍌 below, man. 😂

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    My granddaughter named her did PopStar so trust me I know……yeah I get it she was 6 at the time

  3. chowderthewiz

    Could tell it was you on the left, it’s crazy how we look the same our whole lives. :0

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    live you

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  11. chipclip2010

    Well said. And omg you still have those cheeks and smile!

  12. jair_olivegrooves12

    Amy let me tell you one thing…you are an amazing woman and have always been beautiful since you were a child

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    Awww 😍

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    Because I love those books and this pic is so super cute it deserves the right spelling: bobbsey

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    this is dope🙏

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    This, you, the fam… and Banana- absolutely GREAT!🍌

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    First … it’s in your spirit …. you should just go gone for a few days and sit back and relax with them… ( everyone needs to recharge. The world can get crazy at times and drain a lot out of you) and never think you “didn’t have a lot “ you have a great family ! A loving mom and DAD , as well as a sister 😇 and your nephew LOVES you… you’re on of the best people out in this world.. you bring joy and laughter everywhere you go… and you’re loved … that’s all I wanted to say 🤷🏽‍♂️ have a good day

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    My bad named her dog PopStar

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    You had a monk..monk….monk…monk!!! That is beyoooond me😂😂😂😂

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    Dear Amy, I have just read this and it’s wonderful. We all have a story to tell and yours is a good one

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