If. This. Ain’t. Meeeeee…

If. This. Ain’t. Meeeeee😂😂😂😂

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  1. dinotattooart


  2. renevelaz

    Guy Code.

  3. the_zach_lowery

    YUP 😂😂

  4. persephanii

    Me all the way!

  5. soundwedge_music

    Damn that’s funny but so very true 😂😂🤣🤣

  6. eldalegend

    Lol. This me. I legit just learned a dude’s name I went to high school (I’m old and washed so that’s a long time) with through Facebook people you may know. Dude dapped me every fucking day lol

  7. lalameans

    😩😭😭🤣 Yo AMY I’m stealing this 😆😂

  8. seminole_slim

    Basically 😂💯👍🏾

  9. dkcallmekizzy

    like “yall grown. yall can introduce yourselves”

  10. richrah116


  11. itsrodbcon


  12. itsrodbcon


  13. d.r.a.k.e_007

    What is fack a doing hear

  14. thechocolatecreative

    Accurate AF 😂😂🙈

  15. witchdoctor3001


  16. witchdoctor3001


  17. doodgabe

    Soooo true lol 😆

  18. almighty_twin219

    Duhh thus is common sense lol now hold it down and introduce urself

  19. darrenbyfield


  20. bshara.a.s

    Thats why i give my friends random names everytime we meet and tell them thats their name for today lol

  21. jr.jiujitsu

    I am guilty of this too. No harm tho.

  22. the_notorious_m_i_g

    I just wait a bit and then say “oh my bad I didn’t introduce the the two of you. I’m sorry. That was rude” with a small pause. All of that makes them impatient and they both introduce themselves. It works about 80% of the time.

  23. daveyleeriot

    Whoever wrote this is more woke than all of us

  24. brandknewhamez

    😂 I have 324 ways of covert name extraction falalalala!!!!!

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