I think you can tell from each of these clips that all three of us are happy to …

I think you can tell from each of these clips that all three of us are happy to be done here today lmao

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  1. rajashoukat86

    Wow wow nice g👌😍❤😘💋💋💋

  2. n0w_u_z_me

    Lol@her face when it rolled past her upper calf. Instant regret.

  3. asrvix


  4. asrvix


  5. sixdadone


  6. aronscott6104

    It’s hard when you have a big ass ha? All that weight! 😜

  7. mr_ygctf

    ❤️ Hey I’m sorry I know this is random but I’d love to send you some free YGCTF merch? I feel like you being a “Young Goddess Creating A Future” for urself would be an amazing look in YGCTF Apparel 🙏🏾

  8. emoodie8

    Good push babe

  9. jpkn10


  10. acesin007

    Them thighs nice ass hell too!

  11. jamezandthegiantpeach

    Have you always had a solid relationship with your sister.

  12. dav3nchi


  13. dav3nchi


  14. the_mogul1215

    Shorty your going to make someone very happy one day, amazing

  15. dmca525


  16. d.r.a.k.e_007

    GO @theallamericanbadgirl GO

  17. shadowsx123

    So that’s how you keep your shape… Keep it up! Looks good!

  18. davinchoheimdall

    very cute baby

  19. ashkanniyabaloch


  20. 10000phantoms

    It must be pretty sore…actually dem days are history probly

  21. alfredobarajas

    Hi, I’m a photographer and I want to invite you to visit my profile so you can see a little more about my work. Greetings.

  22. raraplease12

    Don’t know why someone so perfect has to workout but ok

  23. nchworm

    Great pic! Keep moving forward. #TheGrind always pays off. Maybe not right away, and often when you least expect it. I love #Alhambra!

  24. getfitbyrob

    Work 💯💪🏾

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