I mean, just ask @idk if it’s real or not cause IDK…



I mean, just ask @idk if it’s real or not cause IDK


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  1. thes8nt1

    Lucky 🍀 SOB he touched that golden 🍑💃🏼🇺🇸! Sho is real !! HOPE that check was HUGE !💵💵💵💵💵💵💵Your Bottom is TopLine !

  2. seanjones3934

    Yea I agree, music ain’t nothing but shit these days, same wanna’ be thug life gangster, chip on the shoulder “culture” bullshit. That ass though 😈 that ass is very satisfying. And anyone who complains about that ass just ain’t got a big enough dick to take care of it. Half you mofos ain’t got what that ass need, so many boyz tryin to be men be playin with that bullshit. GTFO step aside for men well enough equipped for that ass; queens deserve kings, no room for fake- ass blings.

  3. bornhyper1108

    I jst wanna say keep ur fcukin hands inside ur pocket that ass is mine….

  4. the_horus_hunter

    Is it wrong that I want to put out a music video just so i can get a handful as well? I’m joking of course lol

  5. We all know it’s not real. We have seen the posts about you getting extensions… ZING!

  6. dawlatshah

    That was a lucky guy who touch that beautiful world

  7. khoaduong10

    Is that racist? For being black or for being a hormon driving dude? Wont the gay community explode if the black dude grab a white dude butt?

  8. dezert_e

    Song is trash, who ever it is should be happy you decided to about face so he could get some views

  9. raf_e_ooo

    My favorite part in finding nemo was when he touched the butt

  10. itsrayzada

    I watched it for like thousand times 😍😍😍

  11. avirapstar

    Finally watched the complete video. I have some questions. But my DM not go to your inbox. Can you DM me a hi so that I can inbox you my questions? I promise I will not bother you with DM everyday. I do not bother you with my comments everyday.

  12. tandekarnikhil

    Oooh my god i like your eyes your body and everything because you are beautiful in world 😇😇😇😇😇Bae you are a angel

  13. kadeemjohnson13

    Yea wait to go break that chain dont let the man keep you from true happiness

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