Good morningggggbtw my nephew doesn’t say words yet but we literally have conver…

Good morninggggg😊btw my nephew doesn’t say words yet but we literally have conversations in clicks, blowing fart noises and claps. Like full fledged discussions back and forth. It’s hilarious 😂😭😍🤪😩 btw comment if you saw me on either #LaffTracks on @trutv or @zorarandhawaofficial @drzeusworld Punjabi at @unistudios (both premiered yesterday 😁)! PS for the dick who said i look like a dude here lol, thanks for that homes, no makeup and i should try to stay 100% fresh more often. My skin gets rullllllll shitty if I don’t let it breathe occasionally, if you’re bothered, click unfollow (and dm me your address so I can send you one of my nephs Poopsplosion diapers to eat for dessert) ❤️

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  1. chitownjuncos


  2. primitiverock

    Im in love. 😀

  3. zecaestacio

    Olhos lindos

  4. its.me_fernando

    You are a beautiful human being! 💗

  5. paramjit_saab

    So beautiful 😍

  6. reddwilson4

    U are just everything i no this might sound strange i just wish i was apart of your life or in your life i think i said that right lol. Luv u hun😘😘😘

  7. canerr_09

    Iskas li da pravis keks

  8. younus_al_zubaidi


  9. queninhardin

    I would spoil you anyway you want. But paying attention to you and spending time with you is definitely important

  10. marcus_maxximista

    All American Bad Girl: Cooking for Twatters Edition. #UGotServedHomez

  11. marcus_maxximista

    When I get to Chitown this Saturday, I’ll show u how we get down! #WeWin

  12. queninhardin

    You are so gorgeous. I just love to see you smile



  14. micheedon

    @theallamericanbadgirl dm

  15. lakonian_trainee_300

    Conversation in clicks? Your nephew knows de weey 🇺🇬 c:

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  17. rajeshgodse54

    Look cute with beautiful eye’s lovely smile

  18. peteygreen211

    I want to also..2

  19. toshiharuoshiumi

    A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.😊👍🍀

  20. fern18193

    #allamericanbadgirl ..Im really disappointed in you gorgeous..why would you even give some random gay dude a shout out about some dumb shit they said about you? If you look like a dude then I’m gayer than 3 Liberace fan boys cause I think you finer than a mofo..them hips just be killing me

  21. _bawkbawk_

    @theallamericanbadgirl you are beautiful

  22. princevegetaii

    judt midded….

  23. ernesthenley


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