f*ck scummy guys who make women feel unsafe anywhere, but especially in their ow…

fck scummy guys who make women feel unsafe anywhere but


f*ck scummy guys who make women feel unsafe anywhere, but especially in their own homes. Thankful for the take-no-💩 cops in my town and alllll my friends here that held me down. Story time for you guys, once I’m over it and can find the humor… but cliffs notes version; 2! Separate! stalkers! This week! Oh & both gained access to my secure building… in the past week. Brought their crazy right to my door. Now I have 12 parked out back and in the front around the clock and my guys on guard at my place. Like, I’m FROM here dude. Not just the new girl in town who doesn’t have anybody to call… Thank GOD. Don’t be that guy in any woman’s life, fellas. It’s weird. Just introduce yourself, shoot your shot and maybe hold the L if you get turned down. That’s all the totality of the sane options. Stick with those. Trust me. Crazy is not a good look for you lol. Enjoy the ig posts and keep it pushing irl, or be normal and just say hello, ffs. 🙃

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  1. diegoang5

    Have a nice day Amy❤️

  2. txman210

    Glad you are okay

  3. lana.models96


  4. gxd_kxng_c

    Stay safe, Ames! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  5. mahdi.blackpink

    I am your soldier

  6. woosahq


  7. ufcrules2

    So, when you’re out in the daytime running errands do guys actually have the balls to come up to you and shoot their shot often?

  8. mikethabarber

    Bruh jersey is upside down rn

  9. nyrob1030

    WOW….glad you safe beautiful 🙏🏾

  10. brownstar25

    Sorry to hear. Some humans don’t get it. Keep on being you. Some of us appreciate it.

  11. srt_obsession

    No excuse for stalking women. That’s why all women should carry.

  12. iamros

    Be careful, Amy. It’s way too easy for these ducks to become Sherlock Holmes these days… Move wisely.

  13. fatherflanagn

    You have a knife or taser?

  14. kevin_james_here

    People seem to have trouble separating who they see online from reality. A shame you’ve had to go through that. Stay safe, some crazy detached folks out there.

  15. timesquash

    Hello!! 👀😍… LOL

  16. psychicpirate_

    Please amy try to upload you pictures on story for wallpaper

  17. dm20003

    Ha it’s tough for some people to separate fantasy from reality……Social media warps some people’s sense of reality…….be careful out there……

  18. mackzo22


  19. no____relation

    You have no reason to feel and say why would you say something like that

  20. mikeyditommaso

    I love you gorgeous can I meet you in person so I can marry you gorgeous

  21. shamontae1986


  22. texacaliraider

    Totally agree with you… Be human and humble, Not “hey send nudes” or are you a virgin” lol… Those thirsty guys make me laugh 😆 😄 😅. But on the real, not one man is a gentleman anymore, instant gratification is the new norm. Few are genuine like me and often than most get overlooked.

  23. ana.s.heart

    So true, nothing attractive about people who don’t have respect for others personal space. 🙌

  24. insanelyridiculous

    Holy shit

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