DO. BETTER. Do better do better do better motherfuckers AMERICA IS FUCKED UP RIG…

DO BETTER Do better do better do better motherfuckers AMERICA


DO. BETTER. Do better do better do better motherfuckers AMERICA IS FUCKED UP RIGHT NOW!!! And “America” isn’t some distant fucking land were just outside looking in on and over the state of which, have no control… (my followers from USA) WE COMPOSE THE NATION BRO. We ARE America! The government isn’t some Darth Vader storm troopin ass, North Korea mind-control, monopolizing powerhouse we have no say and are helpless against… It’s a muthafuckin democracy! If only we would organize and take action, call our local gov and have our voices heard by people who make decisions in office NEARLY a QUARTER as often as we do on social media or just in spoken word when we bitch about the state of the nation to our peers… the influx of PUBLIC OPINION coming straight to their desks would be overwhelming and damn sure would be less easy to ignore! Lastly though guys, this racism shit really has to let up, man. Whenever I post something expressing my disdain for prejudice (and not stereotyping in comedy, because that shits hilarious and usually means well) a gang of dumb muthafuckers will comment that i hate my own race and they have to unfollow or even call me “Ni****Lover” (as if I’d feel insulted for that) …. goood muthafuckin riddance, you weren’t welcome here in the first place, I don’t even get what about me could draw you in enough to follow me in the first place when I’m cleaaaarly defiant of that types beliefs and opposing to those opinions… but also, it means I hate my race if i choose to love all others? Really? You don’t see that YOU and that thought process are what’s wrong here? Love all, respect all, that means I can’t also love white people? It’s not un-Caucasian of me to love and respect all. I mean, maybe it is historically (definitely is lol)…. but is racism and prejudice really THAT deep rooted and embedded in people’s minds that they are unable to process this logic??? That crap… this school shooting shit… the shooting of unarmed kids, ALL THIS HATE! What is wrong with people!! We need to be the muthafuckin CHANGE my guy like shit is not going to fix ITSELF! We ARE America!!! Let’s do BETTER, AMERICA.

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  1. skate_life_fiftyseven3rd

    @cecil.93 preach

  2. charlieking_zyx

    Jajaja da risa ver que dice control de northcorea. cuando el gobierno gringo es la mayor dictadura.

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  4. sunpeopleproductions

    All good points

  5. jose_garces13

    Nah you arent America you are just United States

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  9. foxy_mely

    Please tell me how gun control is working in Illinois where hundreds in Chicago die everyday from #gun shots

  10. feliperamirez77

    This post is totally biased and bs. Just don’t fuck with the second amendment. It’s a people problem, not a gun problem. A Muslim caused the Orlando shooting and guns weren’t banned. Don’t come at us with that “racist” crap.

  11. senseipolo

    😲🤤😨😱👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 @theallamericanbadgirl you’re the fucking realest!!! “Love all, Respect all.”

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  13. 21rod

    Was not a white kid that did this(#verysurprising) But you’re right. We need to do better. Stop making it about race. It’s people, it’s the old Day way of thinking that it’s not going to happen here. We need security in our schools our public facilities. We need the hoes screwing the kids that are quiet. Whatever it takes. But mostly we need people to speak up. Talk send letters emails voice your opinions on the change we want. Above all we need to change the way we think. Love compassion and help. And on a side note I think you have a great set of humor glands too. Keep being you. They criticize cause they can’t have you

  14. retro.flair

    I think this post says a lot of things right but to be clear, America is not a democracy, it’s a republic.

  15. charliezuckerbrod

    Shit that was really deep and I totally agree

  16. talliclemons

    Yo love you for this @theallamericanbadgirl 😍❤️😘

  17. _geno_crz

    Guns aren’t the problem, Mental health is . No one said Mexicans are the problem just illegalls. Muslim are not the problem Islam is why because their religion is evil.

  18. williams_santino

    Love your sentiments 💯 baby! So real heartfelt and true👌

  19. beforeyouforget

    This guy is a bastard I’m a white Mexican & that was disrespectful as all hell😆

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  22. alec_berendt

    @theallamericanbadgirl correction, America is Democratic Republic, we were founded by Republicans and led by them until the aftermath of the civil war (the racist side was led by only democrats and the KKK was founded by dems. I don’t get why people demonize Republicans, what have they done to hurt our nation?

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