@azizsupremeart back at it again reimagining your fav weirdo TAABG as another ki…

@azizsupremeart back at it again reimagining your fav weirdo TAABG

@azizsupremeart back at it again reimagining your fav weirdo TAABG as another kick ass biddy 🤩🙌🏼

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  1. djhalfmoon

    Wow you do actually look just like Captain Marvel🙌🏽. You should have went for the audition. Or Power Girl. Great artist👍🏽

  2. creatin_alindato

    I think people forget that you have to actually be good at acting to get a role like that

  3. ltwh2017

    Very gorgeous

  4. youallsuckdotcombitch

    You would make a good Power Girl

  5. placeboxr

    @marvel @marvelstudios @marvelfans.official @marvel_entertainment

  6. lakers_fan_96

    You really should of went for the role lol

  7. young__tarantino

    You would have been a perfect miss marvel

  8. unknown_tie_28passcode

    I was gonna say power girl but this works to

  9. dmoe317

    My superhero

  10. manecrue

    Much better than the original!

  11. dbhands

    Saw the set photos from the upcoming movie and she looks horrible to me. You definitely look the role. You should get into some cosplay too.

  12. stews_point_of_view

    Definitely a better candidate than who they picked. You have a gorgeous personality, that could spark any role!

  13. walex5409.wj

    You should look into pretraying powergirl

  14. darkmannx01

    Now I really would like to see you wear this costume maybe come Halloween

  15. darkmannx01

    Hopefully you can find one custom made look like maybe Superman’s costume

  16. christuck995

    Miss Marvel

  17. nh4co3

    u fat fucj

  18. alfredoleonorea

    You are the real one! There are some fake accounts of you on Instagram

  19. jb1elfenomenal

    powergirl please i wanna see it

  20. emilc697

    Lol captain thicc

  21. bry3293

    Wow…….you actually look like capt. Marvel!!! . 😶. …yo send that to marvel studios 4reals.

  22. iykyklondon


  23. joruto_187

    Be my miss marvel cause you marvelous baby girl 😉😘

  24. themightymorphinchef

    Any chance you can make this come too life for the upcoming film 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

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