Amy Jackson Whelp. If I look absolutely frustrated to the point of idek what.. that’d be bec… PAWG

Amy Jackson Whelp If I look absolutely frustrated to the

Whelp. If I appear certainly disappointed to the level of idek what.. that’d be because of the combo of 3 things. [#1] a Full iCloud hack. Yup. But fortunately ya girl’s blessed by pretty followers like you all, and in a situation to just get a new phone and start off contemporary. So that means I’m just basically creating my complete Rolodex around, if you wanna be in get hold of at ALL, make certain I get all those digits and stuff, and I’ll have a new selection as of nowadays. Complete leak, and I can not be accountable for dumb 💩. No, I’m not in Nigeria asking for 47 dollars or a kidney or anything use common feeling Thanks.

[#2] childhood trauma trigger reaction, which is about all I’m gonna elaborate on that subject, but that is been entertaining the last two times.

And the very least severely of all, but to close on a enjoyment notice, lol, [#3] swipe to see how blind I am. Charlie’s feeding on a hen bone and I thought he was sick and taking in grass. Only when I zoomed in on the online video could I see that another person just littered their wing. 😂😂😂 I can actually go for that LASIK, the moment and for all. 😂😂😂

Really like you men sooo significantly. Actually hope tomorrows a much better day!!! But I have SO a lot I am grateful for all day every single day together with in each and every second nowadays. But a violation of privacy and a disrespect and an outright attack on leading of a blatant f u to my deal with when I’m remaining form in return, aaall day extended, to persons I was only at any time fantastic and type and uplifting to… lemme just log off. The abhorrent disdain boiling up in me bruh?? I’m so grateful to have been sober for almost fifty percent a yr when this happened!!! Or this would have dragged me straight again down from the cloud 9!!! I am on, re-getting into my 2nd act in life, in my occupation.. undoubtedly transcending my finest however, i assure you… my private finest is Before long coming.

What took place in the previous two times. Experienced that took place to me and i ended up undertaking SO Well, as very well as I am now! …but I weren’t stone chilly thoroughly clean and sober??? Son. I’d have been dragged straight back down to the psychological hell i was in for several years.

If anyone required a single past force to get assistance or get to a meeting or get thoroughly clean or sober, i hope this will help, or be it.

Today, I’m in management, I set my boundaries.


Amy Jackson

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