Amy Jackson Let’s dooo be smart and fair y’all…. lol. Play devils advocate but imma get the … PAWG


Let us dooo be smart and reasonable y’all…. lol. Participate in devils advocate but imma get the popcorn prepared, what taste ya want? *turning @kanyewest post notifications on as we communicate cause the morning boutta be a mooovieee when he sees these pics 🍿👀😳* in any case follow my new twitty and tikkytok @amyactsSON oh and I’m blogging or vlogging.. regardless of what that is called… this full motion picture making approach too… itll be up on my new YouTube website page far too.. also @amyactsSON 🤠😘🫶 I desire ye was vlogging his response as well rn tbh… can I say that or nah 😳😃


Amy Jackson

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