Amy Jackson It’s a SHAME she wasn’t listened to and taken seriously. Her intuition was spot … PAWG

Amy Jackson Its a SHAME she wasnt listened to and

It is a Shame she wasn’t listened to and taken critically. Her intuition was spot on, as a woman’s usually is, and it was criminally negligent of Walgreens to dismiss her fear of this guy. Now, she is useless. What the Complete f?? No quantity of $ will deal with that for her spouse and children and pals. F this. F him. And F the truth that women of all ages can’t come to feel secure simply Present at all times… I truly like that my supporters seem to be the gentlemen who guard women of all ages, not prey on them. I feel blessed for that. From the bottom of my coronary heart thank you. Specially considering the fact that I’m a proud insta thot. 😆🥰🫠

(My enthusiasts know zamn well what I necessarily mean by that too, so all you newbies on in this article, acquire a number and get a seat, lol. It is a self-empowerment term of endearment not in any way a self deprecating, shame-riddled insult. It is a “yes we CAN! 2022 you go lady, totally free the nipple, no one particular can convey to you who you are and who you are not yada yada” thing. So get it or do not, I’m chillin either way. Now back to the first broadcast.)

I. Just cannot consider. This very poor lady. Lost her everyday living.

Due to the fact no just one. Listened.


Amy Jackson

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