Amy Jackson It’d feel inaccurate to say considering I have pretty much a whole wig on each … Thick Ass

It’d feel inaccurate to say #nomakeup, considering I have pretty much a whole wig on each eye lid.

#Showerfresh? #imperfectsmakeusbeautiful?

Oh, wait… #nooneasked, #noonecares aaaand actually a caption’s not even necessary. that’s right. my bad. at least I tried. 🤗😅

Swipe 3 shows how I always end up with weird nail-bitey selfie poses. It just happens. It’s my go-to. 😆

Amy Jackson

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  1. onasis_bambino


  2. onasis_bambino


  3. wood.max

    😆you are awesome I enjoy the things you say in your captions much 😍to u

  4. thatphatchiq

    Nail biting works

  5. elite_redboi


  6. daffeh747


  7. kundan__biswas

    Cleavage game still strong 🔥

  8. selimmiah24

    Happy Thursday morning My sweet darling ❤❤❤💝💝💘💘♥

  9. juancarlos_valenz

    Mmmmm hola mami 😍😍😍😍😋😋😋👅👅👅👅

  10. alhadadd.a

    S❤️o amazing lady

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  13. okyere.forson

    Hello empress

  14. myway_wayybetter


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  16. azazkhan5504

    Nice. Bb lady 💋💋💋

  17. ra_j_put_41_

    Hot 🔥🔥

  18. vennturaa_

    I need no makeup baby. @all.american.amy 😘😘

  19. beereal1k


  20. ava11980

    DM for fun

  21. ava11980

    Dm for fun

  22. gursh_art

    Sexy as fuck I would love to draw her

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