Amy Jackson I should not still be breaking out ANDDD already getting deep wrinkles at the s… Thick Ass

I should not still be breaking out ANDDD already getting deep wrinkles at the same time 😂😂😂😂 choose a struggle, skin!!! Damn! 😆 I’m always trolling myself and Jk but this time I’m deadass… legit interested… someone slide your girl the plug because I make too many crazy faces in normal conversation all day every day lmaooo🙏🤗🥰 #botox

Amy Jackson

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  1. big_daddy147

    Can u twerk more

  2. balderas.enrique

    Beautiful eyes 😍😍

  3. nikovander

    Have you ever just unknowingly made a crazy face mid convo? Lol My brother did that once when talking to our mother and she give him the funniest look 🤣

  4. koomanandrew

    I think you are perfect. Just my opinion but its shared by millions of your fans and admirers.😘😘❤️❤️

  5. antoineporche

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful and gorgeous

  6. ctc8988

    You looking good tho😘😊💙

  7. damnhomie11

    You don’t need it😍

  8. crosens8

    You look fine! There’s nothing wrong with you at all.

  9. richard_hersil

    MILF 😍

  10. moualucky

    You’re so pretty!🤗

  11. chrislove_99

    No mess with the botox ….. if something is not broken don’t fix it and you look awesome just as you are…. there are much better alternatives

  12. danishraza000

    U r too gorgeous no need anything❤️

  13. unitedjacobnation5

    You look lovely!💖❤️

  14. dcrownson

    All ya need is an aloe sheet night mask for 6 months

  15. vicktory_valonese.77


  16. west_philly_rick

    You good 🔥🔥

  17. bakaye_dibassy12


  18. keishafixmrbutleraplate

    Fill Your Face Up

  19. ybn.chhina

    Don’t do it , you are perfect as is 😁

  20. reallionairruss

    Better invest in them aloe facials that Botox makes those wrinkles worst

  21. aarontgreene

    Stay naturally beautiful age naturally fly

  22. heimdallgatekeeper

    You are beautiful no matter what😍

  23. lirigzonnahmetii

    I love your face cute🔥


    The finest snow bunny I know 💯

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