Amy Jackson Here’s my screenwriting process: hanging out with my hilarious fing family lmaoo… PAWG

Amy Jackson Heres my screenwriting process hanging out with my

Here’s my screenwriting procedure: hanging out with my hilarious f🤌ing relatives lmaoooo. ⚠️ WARNING!⚠️ faint of heart, do not enter. 🥲🫠🤣 we give ZERO of those you know whats’ies. 😆 @joe_valente @jamie_stans @bjimenez62 @olivia_scharnikow fellas does Spence just like, not have an ig anymore or what is up?

Btw, we are equal prospect joke crackers, everybody can catch these fingers when it arrives to using joke hits lol. Sooooooo I don’t even wanna listen to it. 😂🥰🤓🫠🙌🤌

But if you’re thinking about my
WT sounding butt, is she?? Or no??? …of course without a doubt 🎯 youRIGHT 🤣🤣🤣
🎼”and I enjoy it”🎶 🤣🤣🤣

When I have my boujie Beverly Hills/Hamptons face about me, I’m just putting on heirs mainly because I know what it will take to make it in the globe 🌎🥰💃 so I uncovered how to dust off the WT and class it up when I have to have to, but any time I want to, I can g’head and permit the illusion fade, and this insane b*tch is what’s really below the area

⚠️just an FYI 🤣

Amy Jackson

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