Amy Jackson Didn’t feel well today, so I slept through my whole birthday 🥹🫠 but that’s okay … PAWG


Didn’t really feel very well right now, so I slept as a result of my whole birthday 🥹🫠 but which is all right because… very well, see the put up. I browse the rulebook and uncovered out, it just extends it to the whole 7 days. 👑🧚🏼‍♂️🧖‍♀️💃 woke up to this:
My favourite pleased bday text from my favored dude in the entire environment.

Oh, and if I conclude up super sick one more working day through my birthday 7 days now.. it turns into my birthday month. I didn’t make the principles. I just are living by them. 😆🤠👸🏼🫠💟


Amy Jackson

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