& all you folk I grew up with repost dis sheeeit and help keep those peoples …

all you folk I grew up with repost dis

#NYC & all you #Jersey folk I grew up with ❤️ repost dis sheeeit and help keep those peoples chestnuts roasting… yeah that’s like a good 30% of you or something so I’m gonna check, better see this lil sucka in rotation lol. Ps I’ll be out there sometime this month, third week or so.. Thank you for this @spiritualmovement @femmecami @tasiajensen #call311 #homeless #transient #newyork #newjersey #shelter #help

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  1. meithkuller

    @theallamericanbadgirl But of their homeless, how they supposed to read this? Btw Reppin Jersey all day!

  2. mrsundaynightt

    Thats what’s up 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  3. maskbiz

    How noble of you @femmecami

  4. jessegar16

    But the rest of the fucking year they cant get shelter

  5. richrah116


  6. brian_a1_

    This is crazy the Country can only find shelter for the homeless when they don’t want to see dead bodies on the streets

  7. dinotattooart

    Man I was just saying today can you imagine being homeless? It’s cold af. Hope everyone is ok

  8. chupacabracadabra

    I’m at the jersey shore. Not only did we get a foot and a half of snow, but it’s now in the single digits with negative wind chills!

  9. thegorillanj

    It really is cold AF today…. but I love it

  10. pattymomir


  11. compete_for_greatness

    Beautiful and real! Keep doing big things @theallamericanbadgirl #alwaysafan

  12. kidwiz.spaam


  13. swiftent1

    Way to look out for our people. People are people too. Love where your heart is

  14. jazzyskuts1

    I wanna know you love

  15. reddwilson4

    U always helping out thats y i love u so much

  16. ch_3223

    I love you and your helping the community out love you keep doing good

  17. or_rsh


  18. jazzyskuts1

    Just wanna know ya beautiful soul

  19. senorwavy

    @theallamericanbadgirl it was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday love

  20. peteygreen211


  21. peteygreen211


  22. peteygreen211

    Hep me

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